Since opening our doors in 1986, Charter has evolved as a leading provider of Enterprise Risk Management services to the Energy industry.

Charter recognizes the importance and benefits of integrating sound risk strategies throughout your business by taking the time to learn about your operations, team, risk culture, risk philosophy, and risk appetite to help you to become a more risk intelligent enterprise. Charter prefers to work face to face with clients and field staff. Your business, reputation, assets, cash flow, and enterprise value cannot afford items being lost in translation via emails and intermittent phone calls. Charter takes a quality over quantity approach with clients: We provide the highest quality risk advisory services through a very focused / highly experienced team to a select portfolio of clients. Charter is absent of the service limitations and bureaucratic time drag that encumber other institutions. This enables Charter to facilitate an enterprise approach between finance, risk management, legal, engineering and operations. Charter’s industry relationships and access to global insurers and underwriters for our domestic and multi-national clients are invaluable. Charter’s clients range from small to middle-market sized companies, to large multi-national holding and sovereign companies. We maintain a balanced portfolio of small and large clients in order to effectively serve the needs of both. Our services are NOT dictated by client size but are specifically defined by them. Our objective is to develop strategic and measurable Enterprise Risk Management and Insurance goals for each client that lead to value-creating risk decisions and consistent and effective communication of risk philosophy.


This is achieved through:
Client Knowledge
Enterprise Risk Management POV
Multidisciplinary Team
Servant Leadership

Charter can provide ERM, consulting and brokerage services as defined by each client.

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