CHARTERenergy was founded in 1986 as a client directed and energy-focused Enterprise Risk Management Consulting & Insurance practice built on best of class thought and risk philosophy, and the unique backgrounds of a diverse, multi-disciplined team.

Charter’s expertise in Energy has been our sole focus, since the beginning.

Charter’s founder and principal, Peter J. Lunati, combined Risk Management and Insurance with an intensive curriculum in Geology at the University of Georgia. His passion for Energy Enterprise Risk Management began in 1977 on the Northern Slopes of Alaska working for The Standard Oil Company of Ohio, now BP, and was refined in the offices of Oil Insurance Limited. We have never been the largest, however, but we learned very quickly that our clients value the quality and tailored attention of our services. Our comprehensive risk services, team expertise and service agility will continue to create value for our clients and underwriters for a very long time. Charter principals and employees are brought together to provide clients Risk Advisory Teams. Team members derive experience from backgrounds in risk management, consulting, accounting, education, banking, private equity, legal, environmental and safety, to name a few. The unique ideas, thought and solutions developed in our environment of broad expertise have benefited clients, underwriters, prospects and the Charter Team from day one.

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