Charter invests significant resources into clients, providing unparalleled Enterprise Risk Management services in order to reduce clients’ Total Cost of Risk.
The Charter Platform serves as the foundation for our long-term partnerships and Enterprise Risk Management Services defined for each client

What can the Charter Platform Uniquely Deliver to Clients?

  • Lower the Total Cost of Risk for all of our clients
  • Gives management access to broad energy experience ranging from risk, environmental, banking, to consulting
  • Increases risk intelligence and client knowledge improving risk decisions
  • Full suite of ERM and risk consulting services in addition to insurance for free
  • Gives management access to a Chief Risk Officer previously employed at “Energy Majors” to help address simple or complex risk management issues
  • Bridge the continual diverging risk management resource gap
  • Service efficiency
  • We do not have “back office support”. Our best and brightest are intimately involved in account risk services

What can the Charter Platform Uniquely Deliver to Underwriters?

  • Unparalleled field underwriting
  • Proactive over-service of all Underwriter relationships
  • Complete transparency
  • Create the right fit for clients and underwriters
  • Significant underwriting due diligence for insurers
  • Our client services structure and expertise lead to very profitable underwriting portfolios of Charter clients
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