People are still writing grievances on other consumer portals.Take your own time, do not hurry into it. ), ( Ok,Shri. 44,563/- (18,649/- upfront and 7 EMIs of 3702/- each)Amount expecting: Rs. came up with this idea and since we don’t have enough time and patience to launch a full scale website for this purpose, we're introducing a simple utility here, making use of Google Docs. Is there any significant change in the situation after that? Pl help! Shailendra,We manually move them to top once a while. Posts: 3. Hello to all. While upgrading from Red Studio to Purple Studio I had fallen for the sales pitch for upgrade stating we will entertain your bookings on priority since u are a prime member. So All the best! 2. 2, 25, 000. And co-incidentally, we both had put the buy and sell requests within a span of just 7 days.So the deal was materialised very quickly and smoothly.Kindly delete the entries of harsh shah and paresh bhanushali, as the deal is closed and the membership has been transferred on my name.Thanks again and regardsHarsh Shah, I have struck-off your entries from the page. Enter details of Membership you are interested. Need more variety? thanks for sharing your observationsManoj: All the bestFlyfox: thanks for the comment, Dear Friends,I have a club Mahindra (Studio Blue) membership for which I have already paid up fully (Rs 1.4 Lakhs) plus the ASF for 2008 and 2009 (approx 7000 each). 26 Club Mahindra properties have received the prestigious RCI Gold Crown which recognizes resorts that have surpassed multiple standards of excellence. Pls give some time. you can write me on - [email protected] Yes, there is. You must log in or register a new account in order to contact the advertiser. upon login,i could see everything, emis, asfs paid, holidays consumed and remaining etc etc. You can sell your membership at a very professional way, Our professionals have already decided on the price depending on which company/club you own & which category you own i.e-super peak, peak, mid or off season. How To Rent Club Mahindra Membership Also Want To Sell Sterling Resort Membership.Time share Resorts India is pleased to get introduced as one of the major players in the market of Timeshare in the country with affiliates with many Timeshare Resorts @VLThat's fine. Cheers!Veena Laxman. I have bought from Srini 1 ST Purple,entry dated 7th may remove this entry too.Once more, Thanks a lot for providing such a useful Site.Gopal Krishna Daruka. I had posted the same on 18 March 2010. Hi sir,i want to sell my Country Club holidays,Membership No:CVIN2V5LB183028. ), ( Is it payment first or membership transfer first? So tht ppl come to knw about cancellation pd only after it is over and they need not refund the money... how clever...Re: Bhupesh : thanx bhupesh...i'll try your option also...i'v already called them up and as othr ppl say..they'v asked me to call again on monday...lets c wht happens next...but i'v really lost hope of getting my money back.. Hi Shri,on 19th I mailed these CM ppl to cancel my membership. I wish to sell my membership. I checked out the ebay rules but they are too lengthy. Hope the escalation should help-Bhupesh might be able to suggest better.This mail could have been sent last week itself- sorry myself and Bhupesh missed to mention that. hi shri,the package is still not sold...I had a talk wid CM ppl, n they have said tht they have started the process of refunding my money n i'll get it by april end...lets hope for the best... Anil,better make an entry in the spreadsheet.Meenu,Thanks for the update. My membership no. I m paying installments of a Studio CM membership.And have owned a Platinum membership of RCI. What they are doing is un-ethical.....nahin.....FRAUD. Community Member. Call Abhinav Mishra at 9699999338. ), ( Please hold on. Of late there've been many new resorts being added to the itinerary and few more lined up. And if you want to avoid get worried about how much you spent and was it worth, join Club Mahindra. I want to sell my club mahindra membership on ebay. ), ( Hi Shrinidhi,You are doing a wonderful job. I had a PURPLE STUDIO membership which I bought in 2001. So we've 2 successful cases so far. Also being caught in a CM timeshare means you have to be forever thinking of a holiday destination and planning ahead which is unnecessarily stressful. The sorry state is their HO is in Chennai, Tamilnadu & they dont have a single resort in any of the 3 hill resorts - Ooty, Kodai or Yercaud. I'm glad we're able to bring in some real life benefits to my readers. As a Red member, you can holiday during peak seasons like summer vacations or the Diwali school vacations. Club Mahindra Holiday Membership Plans ), ( Dear Shrinidhi. My membership was for 33 years which meant it would expire in 2034. Can you suggest me if its worth it (pros & cons)?? Thanks to your web site, I have successfully sold it. As a Red member, you can holiday during peak seasons like summer vacations or the Diwali school vacations. I want to cancell my membership now. Email was purposefully hidden momentarily as a security measure.I was supposed to move the sheet to a more secure platform-this is pending from my side since long time.Will work on this soon.Shailendra,will do the needful.Thanks. ), ( The last 3 holidays of mine have been like this. Hi,I just posted a comment for selling a White Studio membership valid from 2009 - 2034(all 25 weeks, along with 2 years of RCI membership & 2 international RCI weeks).Wanted to mention that in case anybody is interested, I can be contacted at +91-9820241467 or you can mail me at [email protected] are : 1)Already paid : 50% DP + 13 EMIs of INR 3122 each = 1529892)The buyer can pay INR 135000/- & continue with the remaining 23 interest free EMIs 3)Net cost of the membership comes to only INR 2 lakhs... Hi,I had seen your posts about Mahindra and the complains are mostly that they have not given confirmed accomadation. 218 Thanks for the advice,Shri. You get guaranteed 7 days of holidays every year, for 25 years whatsoever do not take part in transfer of any membership. What is Club Mahindra membership? Yes, that was my primary concern-when we are paying for 25 years all in advance, what assurance CM has for us for the value for our money... Hi! Hi Harshal,I am no expert in this matter but what I understand I suggest ..1) buy cheapest CountryClub/Sterling (verify if RCI membership comes along with it) or any such membership or CM Blue Season membership in second sale .. 2) ask RCI itself.3) Make arrangement with another CM member if he can help you getting RCI reservation. Now,i want to know,if i sell my CM membership then would i be remained a member of RCI? ), ( tuesday, i got an email of confirmation of transfer. Hello All,I am a Purple 1 BR member & noticed that CM is collecting funds & builing another brand (Zest)& not offering rooms to CM members. Fortunately for me you site was my saviour! hello dearhow can i know if deal is done? Reply. Congratulations on taking your first step towards a lifetime of wonderful memories with a Club Mahindra Membership! there has to be some buyers as well right?Allen,Glad I was of some help.Pal,Let me look into that. It's a smarter way to holiday After two years you can renew your membership with RCI to continue enjoying the same level of access. 21 kumarps02 January 27, 2016 at 12:23 PM. check out.gaurav,I found only one entry. Is it true?Thanks for creating this wonderful list. i have booked a membership on 30.01.09.would like to know if i can cancel and get my money back (as mr. arun nair has stated in answer to your question) since only 8 days are over.does cm really give back full refund.please let me know the procedure for the same.shafic, mumbai. Mail me [email protected], hi i just posted my sell CM but got it wrong .could you please correct it. Do not know how to publish that. instead of buying club mahindra membership or keeping your funds in FD go for Club mahindra shares. I also called the person who sold me this membership. I had posted for selling the Club Mahindra membership. This is a great service for us timeshare holders.Shriram. The new member will be joined as a Co Applicant and get all type of benefits. Mawal, Lonavala Yesterday. As a club mahindra member in last three years, I have never taken a holiday for more than 2 nights. Club Mahindra Membership Fee Overview Srinidhi. hi,i am trying to sell off specific days of my club mahindra membership..the rates are negotiable and im a blue one bedroom holder,please contact me on [email protected] for more deatils!Thnank u! and the man who'll buy my membership,will he be getting RCI membership as default by CM?I m sure Shri must be known of these issues.Thanks.Harshal. Replies. 15 Tiger Ramesh. Little wonder that it has gained more momentum in recent years. ), ( If anyone expresses any concerns they offer to resolve it.Members please comment if there's been any significant changes/updates of late, Dear ShrinidhiThanks for that responseRegards,Jayadevan. Thanks for An eye opener review on Club Mahindra, Amit, All the best.prp, Guess you're commenting at wrong post. 2 lakh. I tries posting twice in the sheet on 1st July - I dont yet see my entry. ), ( Member’s can make some group and dirctly sale their un used time and get money, there are many more, who have not brought the membership but love to use club Mahindra’s property, atleast club mahindra has good property, other’s are really in soup. 27 Re:Shri : Yes it is indeed a very less time. but all the comments in your related page is as of 2008. I have not used any their facility. 34 I want to sell my CM membership. ), ( total earning of 8000 + 100000. Pl do publish email addresses of people buying/selling- if we can't see email address, it's difficult to connectWe are keen to sell our Red 1 bedroom, and would like to connect on email with those interested in buyingThanks, Hi, I have a duplicate listing which I would like to delete. If you’re traveling on a rented car (yellow board) and it had to cross a state border, you might remember your driver asking for extra mone... Buy/Sell used Club Mahindra timeshare membership for Free, Planning to put your timeshare membership for sale? anybody interested to sell RED/White membership can send SMS to 9448495755 with price & other details, Harshal, You can make a new entry and ask us to delete the old one, or just provide your contact details, I'll manually update.SKS,I don't have a way to track him. Kindly email me at [email protected] Don't think there's a dedicated ID for cancellations. transferor & transferee. 1 Memberships for Sale; Buyer Guide; Seller Guide; Contact Us; Goa Cherai Pondicherry Ganpatipule Jaisalmer Kumbhalgarh Nainital Mussoorie Yercaud Coorg Munnar Thekkady Gangtok Mahabaleshwar Mashobra Austria Srinagar Kanatal Manali Dharamshala Karwar Puri Shirdi Dubai Malaysia Udaipur Bangkok Gir Masinagudi Kanha Ashtamudi Kumarakom Poovar Alleppey Baiguney Corbett … Congratulations on taking your first step towards a lifetime of wonderful memories with a Club Mahindra Membership! Share the joy with friends. Bhupesh has already acted on your request and has stroked it off. I am a paid member of club mahindra holidays, The company and its marketing people will cheat you, the return policy is very strict, so be aware if you are planning to take membership. It really is an honest and valuable service that you are providing.Thanks,Vidyut, Srinidhi,Thanks to your site, I have sold my membership in CM. Baanigondu elle ellide? ), ( Home - Office Furniture Small wardrobe for sell ₹ 1500 (Delhi) small wardrobe for sell 15-Dec-20. Concluding Seen Of Club Membership Marketing. They told that if i sell my CM membership, then my RCI membership will be transferred directly to the new owner.So now,i would be happy if u can tell me some way to continue my RCI membership without continuing with CM.Thanks.Harshal. I called their customer care to they said they have'nt recieved the mail. When we had enrolled in 2004, my husband committed unhesitatingly as he is quite easily influenced while I always played devil's advocate.However, by the time i started digging deeper and unraveling all the dirt our EMI's had begun and it was too late to get out. @ Veena Laxman,I am glad you're able to sell your membership and happy that this blog is able to generate some value to its readers.You're the first one to inform us about the successful closure of the deal.Thanks again. It will be done shortly.Thanks, Hi Shrinidhi,Please delete the entry to Buy White Studio of Club Mahindra from Raj Gandhi of Mumbai. ), ( It was through sales person at my home. Hi Shrinidhi, could you please modify my SELL listing to change asking price to Rs99000 and days in balance to 5 days. But now i wonder how the interested people will contact me. 2,50,000Amount expecting: Rs. Hi Shreenidhi.I have to ask one thing. Mail me [email protected] Tel:09910904079, Hi - I'm looking for buying a 4 day stay at club mahindra resort at Munnar starting 14th Jan 2010. Hi NidhiI had placed an offer to sale club mahindra membership on this web-site. What is RCI - an international affiliate exchange network - that allows vacation ownership membership owners across the world to bank and trade their domestic holiday inventory for international holidays. 194 So why do you want to pay entire 1.48 lak now? CLUB MAHINDRA MEMBERSHIP FOR SALE - FLOATING SEASON WEEK (White) - STUDIO APARTMENT / SLEEPS 2. Buy/Sell Club Mahindra, Sterling Holiday Memberships. Its for a studio. Meenu Gupta, congrats.Anand,You'll find plenty of options already listed in the spreadsheet. i was told that cm is lethargic in all these process, which was proved wrong. 2,75000/- Amount paid so far: 2,50,000(no dues pending)Reason for sale: working as chief engineer Name: Allan Bosco Valdaris.Free Gifts with the sale: nil Interested people can contact me at +9714 555708857 or mail me at [email protected] Instead of making new members of old members are happy Club mahindra will not have to spend so much on marketing . Membership Bought on June 2014 and is valid till May 2039 with 21 days of holidays accumulated till date. is 1444996. For families today, where both partners are equally stretched between office and home commitments, time is a precious resource. Reply Delete. This Club Mahindra membership fee & plan structure was like a holiday gift for us! During the Club Mahindra membership sale process, we were told that the food per person (all three meals included) at any Club Mahindra property will cost us ₹750. as per seller, he has 1 week worth of unused holidays with rci. You can split the 7 days into 2 or even 3 holidays throughout the year Hi! Hi i require 3 nights from 2nd Oct to 5th Oct09 at Club Mahindra or Sterling, Munnar. Hi, I am Rahul Chauhan, I wanna sell my Mahindra Club membershipship and the details are given below. Thanks Buddy.Harshal. Manimaran. Peak Holidays - Resale Of Holiday Membership, Holiday Rental With Club Mahindra/ Sterling & Holiday Packages With Sterling Or Club Mahindra Travel / Travel Agents / Transportation Services from Bengaluru, Karnataka, India Home - Office Furniture Small wardrobe for sell ₹ 1500 (Delhi) small wardrobe for sell 15-Dec-20. Transfer of each & every membership will be at sole discretion of individual i.e. Can you advice how and more particularly how much commission I need to pay ebay for the transaction. Shailendra,I've stroked out that entry and also have sent a mail to Raj to see if has anything to say.Anon, Please make an entry at to buy/sell specific days at specific resort. It takes about 10 minutes or a little more to appear at the site2. Please let me know your offer as well and mode of payment. 4 Hi,I am looking to buy a week's club mahindra holiday. Club Mahindra Munnar, Kerala: "ASK THESE QUESTIONS TO CLUB MAHINDRA SALES..." | Check out answers, plus 1,725 reviews and 1,907 candid photos Ranked #3 of 17 hotels in Kerala and rated 4 … As a member you can also enjoy exclusive discounts on dining and spa treatments. Start Selling ₹ 4,000 1 Bds - 1 Ba - 450 ft2 Selling Club Mahindra Nights. I have never had occassion to use the membership hence the entire 24 years is balance (one year has lapsed). Project Club Mahindra Bliss - Web Portal Industry Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Services Digital Audit | UX Strategy | UI Design | Website Development | Web Application | Ecommerce | Content Development | Marketing Transformation Challenges. I just posted my 'selling' intentions on your site. @NeelaThanks for sharing that information. New entries are appearing at the end of the list at the bottom. You get to choose from a selection of waterfront, beach, Himalayan, jungle resorts or resorts at hill stations. OLX offers many other services in Properties like; shops & offices for sale, house for rent, house for sale, house rentals, apartment for sale and rental classifieds. I paid full amount on 31.10.09 to get 5% discount for Blue Studio ( Rs. Awards and Recognition I have been able to buy two memberships at reasonable price through your site in a very short time.I wish you all success in your new effort. I recently sold my Club Mahindra membership to someone from Kolhapur for Rs. Here are the details:Membership type- White-StudioMembership valid till- 2032Inventory balance- 12.1 daysContact details: +91-9845313946, [email protected] All the best. 216 Sign Up; Seller Login; Logout; Welcome ; Call Us @ 78 1000 8000; Home; Memberships for Sale; Buyer Guide; Seller Guide; Contact … ), ( I am a member of Club mahindra. Srinidhi. Your blog on club mahindra is well analysed & with clear facts which are generally hidden in fine prints of colourful brochures & attrractive talks of sales executives.Many years ago I had also taken a membership by paying up for a membership.But moment the sales executive left our house the realisation dawned & wiser counsel of my wife prevailed on me ,forcing me to take back the … Club Mahindra members get the right of way on holiday bookings. When contacted club mahindra call center they said bot of us have to be presented at there office. Do you want to buy club membership at discounted price? Dear Shrinidhi,Thanks for your site I managed to sell my purple studio membership,pls delete my details from the entry.Thanks and Best wishes.Allan Bosco ValdarisMember: CMPurple studio.Purchased on 2005. I guess there are just too many desparate sellers out there and so the very few buyers have a field time in negotiating the deals down to throwaway prices. I have booked a holiday at Club Mahindra Fort Kumbhalgarh for 26,27 Jan '11 for 3 studios for 2 nts but unable to go. No pending EMI’s and No ASF due pending till date. There is no other honest site,through which one could Buy/sell Club Mahindra membership so easily.I have been able to buy through this site. I want to sell my Club Mahindra Blue Studio Membership benefits at Rs 2.50 Lakh only. You have a choice of 50 resorts in India and abroad Becuase only after experiencing a holiday, unlike Mr Tiwari, you will realize, if you were not a Club Mahindra Member, you wouldn’t have saved so much. Membership Bought on June 2014 and is valid till May 2039 with 21 days of holidays accumulated till date. i don't think so any body has time to make it cancel if deal is done...!thank youregards/naresh. 159 Registered: ‎22-04-2005. This post only contains lyrics of a popular Kannada song. My Club Mahindra Membership - Blue, Studio Reply. 31 Go on, it's quick and easy. We had bought the membership in 2008, and have made the entire payment for the same, including the ASF for the years 2008 and 2009. Initially, I was very skeptical about buying the Club Mahindra membership but after hearing a lot about this from the peers & reading the Club Mahindra reviews, I decided to buy it. I just submitted my entry once more as my last enrty was not edited by u yet(to include my email ID).But by mistake i selected 'BUY' instead of 'SELL. So PURPLE membership is in great demand. If any of you can provide details I'll update the blog. 39 This post aims to provide a platform for those who are willing to BUY/SELL used timeshare memberships, with companies such as Club Mahindra, Zest, Sterlings and others. He has not listed his phone number? Current Value is 4.5 Lakh. With a Club Mahindra membership you get a two year RCI membership free. Aug 2, 2017 - Membership Mumbai, I want to sell my Club Mahindra Blue Studio Membership benefits at Rs 2.50 Lakh only. View Posted By: Individual. 1 Free activity (upto INR 500) Book and Manage your holidays on the go. Dear Shrinidhi,Thanks for the great job you are doing in helping Club mahindra members to sell their time share. Price Rs. I had taken the membership for Club Mahindra holidays on March 19th, under false representations by the Sales Executive. And Srinidhi & Bhupesh keep this great site of yours going. Want to see your stuff here? 1,31,784/- (cost me 1,73,560/- since I opted for 4 years EMI payment)Amount paid so far: Rs.84,000/- (20,000/- upfront and 20EMIs of 3,204/- each)Amount expecting: Rs. ), ( Eventhough I am no longer a member (A true blessing)I still have an affinity to your site and empathise with 'trapped' members. The Club Mahindra Bliss membership made our stay convenient and affordable as we booked in all the resorts on the route.” Seeing his enthusiasm, Hemal quips in, … 1 Extra Night. Limited period Offer. You can even book your holiday in 2Up higher season, i.e., Red, 7 days prior to the check-in date subject to availability of rooms Thx for replying shri,But, I had made the posting & comment at the same time and made the posting twice..but its not showing there. ), ( ), ( Current Value is 4.5 Lakh. Seller Registration Fee FREE ! Can you please delete the first one.2. Comments may be moderated due to increased spam. Call their call center Personally go to their office from where you bought your membership, given them written request to cancel your membership do not forget to take acknowledgment. 294 I think best way is to ask (convince) ClubMahindra to cancel your membership .. as you have shot free look up period by only 2 days (based on 10 day number, what I remember), batter call their call center and ask if free look up period is 10 days or two weeks. ), ( the most important thing here is that, if buyer and seller both goes to the office, the process is smooth. What they are offer for 25cutti club membership. Club Mahindra Membership - what smart Indians are opting for! Our resorts have a variety of activities that'll keep everyone in the family entertained.

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