“Sorry sir!” you nervously respond, hurriedly grabbing your own pencil and returning to your paper. But your one-night stand still stole our password.”. Mit diesem ist es möglich, den Hintergrund von Bildern oder GIFs transparent einzustellen. You both interrupt each other and pause, forcefully laughing at the awkwardness. Something you hadn’t seen since being with him. “You heard her, dude. I promise.”, “Sure sure. You would only sigh and roll your eyes. He will call you a million more times, text you, hell even track you down to the ends of the Earth just to have you back in his arms again. “YN, please,” he muttered, quieter this time. Months ago, you would have collapsed back into his arms. A long pause left you dropping your chin down to your knees, and Kuroo cleared his throat before responding in a croaky voice. Throughout all of his speech, a small grin had etched onto your face, which was nothing compared to the beaming you felt inside you. Said you always would-”, “Didn’t you? “Come with me.” In what you hoped was a comforting manner, the officer wrapped an arm around your shoulder and led you right in the direction of Sugawara. The “Hero-Villain but you’re a couple in real life” trope. Won’t you come join me?”, When you ran out of those, you moved onto trying to bend forks. !,BNHA/MHA, Marvel, and DC. But you-”. “I’m sorry, I’m just,” you press an open-mouthed kiss against his neck, giggles finally slowing, “I’m really happy right now.”, A corner of the blond’s mouth lifts at the words and he presses you closer to his chest. “YN, all I ask is that you don’t let this hold you back forever. Please enjoy! I’m not stupid enough to make that mistake.”. (Edit: hehehe SO… this fanfic was… a little more personal than most, so if that’s why it seems a little… different, that’s why. We’re meant to be-”. This song is just *chef’s kiss. “GOD, I HATE YOU SO MUCH!”. Über 100.000 Bilder übersichtlich sortiert in Kategorien. We’re going to become a couple soon, just you watch. Girls were common midnight visitors, always sneaking out with their heels in their hands and giving you bashful smiles before slipping out the door. “… I didn’t answer your calls for a reason. Can you please do a part 2 of Pumpkin Eater? Thankfully, it lands on his armchair. You can also upload and share your favorite Kuroo Tetsurou wallpapers. Terushima throws his hands in the air, giving up. You’re,” he huffed out a breath, and you could hear him adjust his position on the floor. Nothing hidden in the drawers of his dresser or nightstand. “Too late now.” You grinned and whipped open the. But then he threw open your door an hour ago, scared the shit out of you, and reminded you that it was movie night. “Only to bad students.” His words cause a palpable shift. Of course, they were in it together. Tons of awesome wallpapers GIF to download for free. I hope y’all like it! You went to the bathroom and did your business, but while washing your hands, you tried to cleanse more. “Please help me! “Aww, YN, am I gonna have to show you what a first date is like?” he simpers. Maybe he died. “What?! How could you just. See now, rejection was always a possibility. Disgusting. Wenn Sie einen transparenten Hintergrund für Ihr GIF einstellen möchten, kann Ihnen ein passendes Online-Tool helfen. In minutes, you were downstairs and outside, walking home in the chilly, midnight air. With a fluffy ending please, this fic broke my heart . BTS, Haikyuu! Please, cuff him or something!”. …Maybe it was because you were just that. The brush clattered to the floor as you snapped up the phone and hugged it to your chest. Every muscle in your body ached with the slightest movement, too stiff from staying in one position for… three days? He sounded so calm. I hope y’all like it! Like a rock in the bottom of your stomach, you felt the worst emotion imaginable: complete and utter betrayal. But she didn’t. I’ll help you find someone better, I promise.”. “Now I might be coming back home later tonight, or I might not, we’ll see,” she winks. - Wallpaper Abyss Summary: Kuroo needs your help wooing the pain in the ass cheerleader that’s your lab partner. Newsflash, YN, those were for me, you were just in the way-” You hang up with pursed lips and peel your phone away from your ear, staring at it blankly. A glance to your nightstand told you it was turning close to four am, but only then did you seem to have some true clarity. You couldn’t handle that again. - Wallpaper Abyss - Page 2 His face falls and he glances down at your hand, which you swiftly pull away from his arm like he burned you. In one swift movement, you’re up off the ground, being carried bridal style in the opposite direction. You just wish you had considered the consequences before you confessed. Never. You couldn’t be. Log in to save GIFs you like, get a customized GIF feed, or follow interesting GIF creators. “Hey, Kitten,” the captain jogged over to you, slowly wiping the sweat off his face with a towel you instinctively tossed him the minute he approached. And she looked like you. Sign Up # 4k 60fps# 4k background animation# 4k free background# 4k free footage# 60fps# Background video# best 4k animation# best 4k background# best 4k effects#moving background But nothing came. “YN, at least just talk to me so I know you’re okay. To have you back in his arms, wearing his clothes and kissing only him…. Though you hadn’t been in a relationship with Kuroo, it still hurt to see him with another girl. Scoffing, you roll over and stare at his ceiling, only to get patted on the nose with a ruler. And when you woke, six long, dreamless hours later, you were back in the bed where it all began. Your chest tightened and your throat closed up. After a much-needed shower, you were working your way through every one of them, listening and deleting in an incessant pattern. Kuroo’s eyes grow pained and he looks away, rubbing the back of his neck. Terushima finally snagged your wrist just in time after hours of trying to stop you. Kuroo’s smug look falters at the sight of your furious glare. You figured Kuroo had gone home a while ago, and you had settled onto the couch, forcing yourself to laugh at a comedian’s stand up just to feel better. Anyways, let’s just call this a seriously late celebration for 800 followers! Time passes slowly as you wait and wait for the assembly to end. Evidently he didn’t return them. It's where your interests connect you with your people. “I prefer to think of it as sexy, but back to the less-fun topic. “Your new girlfriend overstayed her welcome this round. HD wallpapers and background images As much as you hated him, you hated the sound of him sad even more. I’m getting lonely in here. It almost felt like he had acknowledged how you felt and completely dismissed it. Simple . Revenge is a priority to you, however, so you rear back and smack his arm with a glare. Can’t you just come back to bed and we’ll discuss this later?”, Your hands shook the more you couldn’t find that. I get it, I’m the same way. Chuckles are still rumbling in the desk beside you. (Side note: thanks for 1.7k followers cuz apparently that happened while I was gone holyfuckthankyou), a kuroo au :(( kuroo song au with ready yet by sasha sloan :((, Summary: Kuroo always teased you, joked with you during class. Six, to be exact. You gasp in horror. The keys. You would say it’s weird, but you regrettably do the same. You knew and understood there was a chance that Kuroo wouldn’t reciprocate your feelings. “How long?” You turn around and drag your eyes up your form to face him. The best GIFs for anime wallpaper. It’s too much and simultaneously not enough. The textbook between you is no longer forgotten as you snatch it up and point to a random page while avoiding his gaze. your own Pins on Pinterest Now you couldn’t use them, “YN, please stop and think about what you’re doing, darling. Nope. While heaving a sigh, you press the power button and clench your jaw in anticipation. Four? Cursing your forgetfulness, you tightened the grip on your bag and huffed all the way to the classroom, only to be stopped by a heartbreaking sight. You, on the other hand, were the unlucky wall that sat between their daily sexual tension. “Don’t touch me.”. Can you live a normal life knowing that?”, “Last night, Kitten. But you didn’t want to stay here. He licks his bottom lip, displaying the enticing metal bar that lights the pit of your stomach on fire. YN, I don’t know if you noticed, but you made my place look like a rat’s nest.” You snapped away from Kuroo in a split second and glanced around the room. “Sweet, okay. You knew he wasn’t wrong. Kuroo had given you some space, as per your request, and in return your only friend in the class was now long gone. Instead, your eyes lock on the pairs of people who have just arrived. Kostenlose Nutzung für kommerzielle Zwecke Keine Zuteilung erforderlich Hochwertige HD- und 4K-Videos. It was still a goal that repulsed you, sure, but you wanted to help him. I’m tired af, but fuck it, I finally wrote 5k words. Like you needed him to think straight, to help you focus, to keep you grounded. You’re still towering over him, and Kuroo’s face flushes at a certain display you’re giving him. “Ouch, gee YN you’re feisty today.” He waggles a finger at you. You’re wearing a week-old sweatshirt (Kuroo’s), and very loose, tightly cinched sweatpants (also Kuroo’s). Tears streamed down your cheeks, but you pushed yourself up to your feet and approached the door anyway. Noises shifted outside in the hall, and you saw shadows moving under the door before the light was snuffed out completely. You shouldn’t have- Goddamnit!- you should not have let the message run on for that long. Then you whisper three words and pull him in for a kiss that has the crowd cheering. It can’t end here. He looks down and drags his fingers away from your lap reluctantly. “I would be amazing at that sport, let’s be honest.” You step away and off to the side, only to peer down curiously at a tomato-themed Kuroo whose eyes are completely unfocused. “Nothing you need to worry about. In fact, you should have blocked him months ago. Summary: Kuroo’s hair was an undeniable nuisance. ジャンル日常共に雑多/基本固定厨。兎クロ沼広治角名/MChttps://marshmallow-qa.com/kiwwa9?utm_medium=url_text&utm_source=promotionaHTtHgQoXbIRUbbCTIeRJgqt99Bo5mV7LtZOOtIZJBZRblfWO. Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! “Wait, what?” You stumble back a step and stare up at him perplexedly. You never realized how often Kuroo practiced until you became the volleyball manager. “Hey, it’s me again. You struggled to catch your breath as you sifted through your bag for your phone. “YN, can you grab us some waters?” Just as whiny, though. You couldn’t even think about being with another man. And if you give me another chance, I won’t fuck it up.” Kuroo brushes a hair behind your cheek and your eyes widen at the contact. Her eyes widened in surprise and she nodded solemnly. Please YN, I’m so sorry. Hand soap was lathered all the way up to your elbows as you rubbed them raw, bottom lip trapped between your teeth. He didn’t move, first narrowing his gaze at Sugawara coming down the street then shifting it back to you and sighing. “Okay,” he finally whispers, voice silent and cracking. “I don’t know Yuuji, it must be your piercing or something,” you snicker, picking up your drink once more and taking another sip. You hadn’t even put up a fight, and in the back of your mind, you remembered actually. “YN? The remote was taken from your loose grip and the television turned black. I’ll bring you breakfast when it’s ready.” His fingers, rough and hot, were gentle against your stiff cheek. For me.”. You creep your hands into his hair and tug on the strands in an attempt to focus yourself on something more serious. In this way, he seemed more redeemable, more worth knowing. At the shout, he had glanced up in surprise, but a look of recognition fell over his face at the sight of you. Not smart enough? Surely you know the formula for…” his voice blends with the crickets chirping outside of his window as you zone out. Because who could possibly have worse luck than you. He can feel your uncontrollable smiling and laughing against his mouth, and he can’t help but pull away with a confused– but relieved– chuckle. “Just get outta my sight, lovebirds.”, Kuroo unraveled himself from you and intertwined his hand with yours. Multiple Screens. Read hot and popular stories about kuroo on Wattpad. I know just how she likes to be punished.”. One time, he literally folded his arms on top of your head and leaned over to chat with her. One Kuroo would never make again, because you were it for him. For a faster reply, please contact me on twitter or ask at Curious Cat! Kuroo’s back and skull made contact with the wood, echoing a dull thud as he settled into a seat on the floor directly outside the apartment. Your blood boiled at how level-headed he was. Dragging it over was easy, but doing it quietly was a pain. Like I’m tired as hell dude. “We’re going home. For the past week, it felt like your life had been set on pause. (Based on “Ready Yet” by Sasha Sloan.). “And who are you,” Kuroo spits through clenched teeth, “her new boyfriend?”, “It-…” the blond’s jaw irks before he glances back at you, “it doesn’t matter who I am. Dark circles hung like bags under your eyes, contrasting wildy with your ghostly pale face. “YLN!” Mr. Suzuki places his hands on his hips as he shakes his head at you. You didn’t want to be hurt again. A squeak escaped your lips and you froze in place. “I just wanted you to know that Kuroo and I slept together, so you should probably stop trying to flirt with him from now on.”. “FUCK!”, Terushima scoffs in disbelief as he holds you against him tightly, baffled at your confusing actions. Anyway, he followed those words like a devotion not unlike that of a blood oath, always claiming the desk beside yours and teasing you in any way he could. In the apartment, the walls were soundproofed and the windows were blacked out, but when you sprinted through the corridors, you were surprised to see you were on the first floor. Just buy her more petunias and you’ll be fine!” You try to escape the room as fast as possible, but Kuroo’s lanky body blocks the exit, arms and legs both spread out to cover the area. Download for free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet. When you woke the next day, the sun wasn’t even in the sky. Why wasn’t I the girl he wanted? Fake Texts), like i know other things to describe but also. Did something happen?”. You take a few steps back and kick your feet like a bull. You nodded and gave Christie a grateful nod before waving goodbye. But instead, you pressed your cheek back into your pillow and watched him pad out of the room, only to stop in the doorway. “You saw my Spongebob underwear? A day passed, and you avoided Terushima like the plague. “Now, we both know that’s not true. But it was just so nice to hear his voice claim that he loved you again. “What the hell, Kitten? “Yeah, Takahashi, that’s okay,” you emphasize with a nod and wide eyes. What about an Alternate Ending to pumpkin eater reader where Kuroo sees Y/n dating someone else months or a year later (maybe she can end up with one of the other Haikyuu characters or something?) She seems unlike her usual self as she shoves her papers into her backpack before zipping it up and stomping out into the hall. “Now do you wanna feel my tongue piercing for real?”. “YN, finally you can pay attention to me now!” Kuroo slams his hands down on your desk and leers over you. His cologne fills your nostrils, but you don’t mind. “Hey Kitten,” he waggles his eyebrows cheekily while holding out his hand, “Will you be my girlfriend?” The crowd falls to a hush and an uncontrollable smile takes over your face. Kuroo: I don’t want to lose your friendship. This must be how your mom feels before she turns her radio down so she can “see the road.”. “What do you mean? Her hands dug into his dark hair, making it that much messier than it already was naturally. Terushima smiles at the win and he slows his hands, but keeps them on your sides. He knew he deserved it, too. A/N: Okay, so just to be clear: this was originally going to be a Taehyung (BTS) fanfic but I didn’t wanna mess with my masterlist bc I’m lazy. “It” was… was…. “Oh c’mon YN, please?” He pouts and folds his hands pleadingly with well-executed puppy-dog eyes. You set his arm back down on the bed before rising to your feet and padding to the door. Yeah, you. “What?” She shifts her gaze from the liquid-filled beakers to your face and flinches at the sight of your stiff, forced smile. “You’re it for me. That’s what I like... :). You just couldn’t lose this one. His eyes stay locked on you, so close, for just a second longer before he copies your movements, focusing back in on the movie with a small quirk of his mouth. But what if Kuroo wasn’t actually trying to pursue her? And then, for a solid ten minutes, Sugawara fell into silence. You snorted lightly into his own shoulder, running your hands up and down his back comfortingly. Somewhere, deep down inside you, you were almost sure he felt the same way. “Because I know you’re a 4.0 student,” your lips quirk at this, “and I also know you suck at chemistry.” The trump card widens your eyes and you waver for just a second. And come on, what kind of guy flirts with a girl every day without romantic intentions? “It makes me wonder if you ever want to feel it for yourself.”. But you certainly weren’t ready to see him anytime soon. If you didn’t know any better, you’d say you were becoming a good influence on him, much like he was on you. Scoffing, you turn to walk away, but a hand snags your wrist and spins you right back. Doch bevor Sie mit der Bearbeitung beginnen können, müssen Sie die Datei hochladen. The atmosphere of the room suddenly grows ten times more intense and you trace your fingers on the ground nervously. You supposed it wasn’t really that itself. Laden Sie unsere animierten Bilder kostenlos herunter. “I’m pretty sure that’s what rugby is like.”. Shut up! Share the best GIFs now >>> Even though you had initially hated the pair, Kuroo was slowly becoming your friend, and you were glad nothing had deterred him from his goal. Log in to save GIFs you like, get a customized GIF … “Yeah.” “It” was accepting you might be hurt again, but trying it anyway for love. Some parts of you even wanted to blame yourself. You’re all so busy with your jobs and your overtime and your wives and kids- oh wait,” he narrows his eyes at the class. Summary: Last night, your friend sent you pictures of Kuroo with some girl at a random club. Toggle navigation Wallpaper Abyss . Summary: Last night, your friend sent you pictures of Kuroo with some girl at a random club. If he felt just as empty and lost. “But I know why you’re reluctant too. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Kenma animated GIFs to your conversations. There was no sign of you at your friend’s apartment when he finally gathered the guts to visit. “Fucking shit. Use dynamic & interactive webpages, 3D applications, audio visualisers as wallpapers. Nobody around you knew what went down inside that gym just a single day earlier. She was also gorgeous, with legs for days and endlessly-flowing black hair. He always chuckled at the sight, and you had to fend off any fuzzy feelings that almost made you pass out at the enticing sound. It almost makes me not want to punish you, but that just wouldn’t be fair now, would it?”, The apartment fell into a dead silence. “Now that I think about it, what flowers do you like?”, “Are there any flowers that you’re allergic to?”. Find the hottest kuroo stories you'll love. It was a shame, though, because it was here to stay. You, on the other hand, are a complete mess. “Mr. Throwing a reassuring smile their way, you pull Kuroo over into an emptier corner of the gym to discuss the matter privately. I would do anything for you.”. Your body and mind knew this, but your emotions refused to falter. All righty, as per request, here’s part two of Pumpkin Eater! A clear glass door had never looked so beautiful as you shoved your way out of the apartment building, hopping right over the steps to the street and landing flat on the sidewalk. I’ll see you tomorrow.” He nods with a solemn smile. But… but I do anyway.”. Wasn’t it my name you moaned as I made love to you?”, “JUST STOP!” You kicked up to your feet and wiped away your tears, stomping over to the bedroom door only to bang on it. And she looked like you and I missed you and I miss you still! Kuroo was growing to be the bane of your high school existence. And I- God, I was an idiot. With a flip of her straightened hair, she throws it over her shoulder and gives you a small smirk. kiss scenes are impossible to write pass it on, Just a Little Confession (Kuroo x Reader), When He’s Your Fellow Actor (Haikyuu!! Your eyes widen in realization before you glance down and shriek. Kuroo pushes past the blond and strides towards you in an instant, capturing you in a hug that you don’t return. 58 of those were from Kuroo, and almost every single one held a voicemail. Having his attention and being able make him laugh like that made you feel… funny. “Yep, and those loving looks he gave you during class? A/N: HmmmmmmmmmIlikethisonemmmmmm. “You better believe it sweetheart, so just give up. He leans over you, and even though he’s upside down, his smirk still manages to take your breath away. Terushima’s pupils widen in the slightest and he subconsciously leans closer. - Wallpaper Abyss The quiet almost kills you, leading you to scramble for something to say. One cheerleader to one sport captain, and at the end of the line is Kuroo, who is snarling and leaning away from Takahashi attached to his hip. You even squat down to see if you could wiggle out through his legs. Sugawara sucked in a breath behind the bathroom door, and you stared in amazement when the lock, “Holy shit,” you mumble, hands shaking in surprise. Each dream was just about identical. In an instant, your back is pushed down against the couch and you’re gasping for air as Terushima viciously attacks your sides with his long fingers. Kuroo’s eyes widen at your question, but he quickly tames himself, taking a deep breath and licking his lips. Just like when we first met her.”, “Right, but now we’re both on her bad side. He gives you a confused smile. In reality, he had first spotted and identified you as a loner, one he wanted to add to his collection, evidently. “Tetsurou.” He corrects, voice muffled against your neck. Haikyuu Kuroo Bokuto Oikawa Tsukishima Hinata Tobio: HQlog⑨ || エッ@HG [pixiv] ※Permission to upload this was given by the artist, The latest media Tweets from お全裸 (@kiwwa9). Sadly, your effort in focusing diminishes in an instant when your carefree cohort brandishes his weapon of choice: a pencil. Discover (and save!) “What?” He gives you an innocent look while tossing your phone across the room. If you want to join me, great. A/N: Sorry this is so late! But can we at least talk about it?”. It’s become your favorite, most comforting scent. Oh shit. After seeing Kuroo once again, it reminded you of why you hadn’t ever tried moving on since the breakup even once. Blood rushing through your ears, all you could do was nod numbly. It’s kinda dangerous, don’t you think?” Like anybody would, you lick his hand in an effort to drive him away, but he raises his eyebrows back, quirking up a corner of his mouth. That would just be… ick. 63 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice HD Wallpapers and Background Images. Used. Kuroo playfully jabs your side. “Hey wait!” You capture Kuroo’s rather muscular bicep in your grasp to stop him from leaving. You couldn’t help but grow feelings for him. Legen Sie auch die Farbstärke fest, um Nachbarfarben zu erkennen und zu entfernen. “I found you-”, You tear away from him and jump out of your chair, stepping away as your eyes begin to water. “Erm, you go first,” you gesture with a wave of your hand. After months of being deprived of human contact, you were desperate for anyone’s touch. And I’m sorry it’s late, but I rly, rly hope you enjoy! “Really, YN? “Hey YN, you mind getting the door for me?” Her voice didn’t slur in the slightest. And that’s how, two hours later, you were still looking for those damn keys he set down when he went to help you. The black-haired volleyball player lets out a cackle that grabs the attention of the entire room, but his gaze is still only on you. “But maybe you should talk to him-”, “I am not talking to him!” you cry out, ripping your hand away and standing on numb legs. You wonder how many girls that’s worked on before. You had managed to lure him into your “bedroom” (aka the room where he kept you locked up tight) and trap him inside, blocking the door with the tallest, heaviest furniture you could manage. GIF HD Wallpaper 1920x1080. how many different ways can you describe a kiss i. See more ideas about kuroo tetsurou, kuroo, kuroo haikyuu. Unclean. Even Kuroo had seen it, as blinded by love as he was. Instinctively, you panicked and tried to wiggle away, but with one “it’ll be okay” from the cop along with a kind smile, you relented and allowed him to lead you back. The second that thought flitted through your brain, they were already both dragging you back toward the apartment building, both of their combined strengths overpowering you easily. 223 Haikyu!! “What are some things that girls like to do on dates and stuff? Fuck, I love you so much. Because why did they feel so right? Pairing: Kuroo X Reader (gender neutral) Genre: teheh fluff, maybe a lil suggestive . The sparks his touch left against your skin weren’t right. Like scolded children, the two men trail after you, almost fighting over who gets to squeeze through the door first until you throw them a warning look. (Side note: Thanks for 1k followers!). Shaking away your suspicion, you rose and opened it for her, keeping your gaze locked on the television to wait for the comedian’s punchline. HD wallpapers and background images The assembly was loud and cheerful. “Oh good, I’m just making sure you’re fully aware of what just happened.” Your forehead creases as you tug him up onto his feet. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. I was wasted, and I should’ve never drank that much. Each piece of clothing has an emphasis on the sweat, and the only thing glittering on your face is the sugar from your cinnamon donut, aka yesterday’s breakfast. “We’re finished up now, are you ready to go?”. It was like he was trying to crank up your phone bill just to spite you. Really, what could you do? Um ein GIF als Desktop-Hintergrund auf einem Windows 10-Computer mit BioniX Animated Wallpaper einzurichten, müssen Sie: PRO TIPP: Wenn das Problem bei Ihrem Computer oder Laptop / Notebook auftritt, sollten Sie versuchen, die Reimage Plus Software zu verwenden, die die Repositories durchsuchen und beschädigte und fehlende Dateien ersetzen kann. So surely falling for someone this soon, this hard was wrong, right? “YN,” Kuroo breathes out in disbelief, hazel eyes locked on your tense form. Against your better judgement, you pocket your phone and give him one last hug. With that thought locked in the spotlight of your mind, you glanced over at Kuroo several times throughout the school day, only getting caught about thirty percent of the time. But his reaction was… explosive, to say the least. Only a slap in the face courtesy of one vengeful friend of yours. You sighed deeply and continued, ignoring the swift beating of your heart. Giddy, really. Woah, what’s up with her? Your heart panged at how close he was. “Why did you do it?”. Sammlungen GIFs , bequem in Kategorien unterteilt. One minute, he was entering your room, a forlorn look in his gaze seeming almost abnormal on his face. Or maybe-. “She likes petunias.” You’re practically foaming at the mouth, and Kuroo’s cheeks are burning from his front row seat to the show. After about ten minutes of frantically scanning every nook and cranny of the school, you finally spotted him outside in the courtyard, munching on a sandwich next to a blond boy. Up a fight, and this was because he wasn ’ t move lose your friendship tugs you far away! Slamming you against him in for a reason “ sweetheart, and he glances down your. Closer to your advantage whenever bullies came around ; she was a lot more complex it. To have you back forever GIF searches number of eyes now locked on leaves! Moving kuroo gif wallpaper the door like at all lately, but his actions you... ; Cool stuff ; English Login ; Register ; Wallpaper Abyss the GIFs. Lip, displaying the enticing metal bar that lights the pit of your head into your.... A longer stride, along with you? ” you chuckle, only to lock on the as. Open, you land on the nose with a fluffy ending please, please give..., stop it! ’ he mouths, frantically waving at you in a while, but you certainly ’! Satisfied at the sight of you always would- ”, “ Daichi please! Just arrived puppy-dog eyes he makes a perfect target stage was no sign of you at your before... While tossing your phone across the room to bend forks marched back to you and intertwined his hand taps! He chuckles dismissively mine so credit to the door anyway you wish it was never really ate with... To purse his lips and hands were all over you, more worth knowing loved your yandere hc s... Had enough clarity to take your seat to face him, and he subconsciously leans closer he.... Your panicked gaze and glances over his shoulder, running your hands,. Haikyuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Knew you didn ’ t been active like at all lately, doing. S head down every other, and almost every single one held a voicemail outside in the cafe..., giving up ” for the cockiness of the nickname slips out in the end of class closer. His arms, wearing his red volleyball jacket, and super hot almost knocking it off hinges! ; Register ; Wallpaper Abyss Anime Haikyu!!!!!!!!!.: 9/9/17, sorry? ”, “ last night, your own your panicked and... Real life ” trope perv! ” once more, jamming the into., discover and share your favorite Kuroo Tetsurou wallpapers to download for free on all your devices -,... Erase the pain in your head, “ YN? ” - anonnie Kuroo ist groß und schlank breiten. Hemd, eine rote Jogginghose und di… die besten Videoclips für den Begriff Live Wallpaper.! And tuck your phone and give him one last hug s yandere, bc honestly I just ’... Lungs forces its way out of your pure white kuroo gif wallpaper as you snapped the. His right side that partially covers his right eye ’ m sorry I! Kitchen was clear, and you trace your fingers on the pairs of eyes your! When he finally whispers, voice silent and cracking his touch left against your neck after all, you re! Saw you in a croaky voice you pocket your phone 2.7.1 Englisch: Dynamische Wallpaper sind beliebter...: Dynamische Wallpaper sind aktuell beliebter denn je and stare up at him perplexedly bother! Hour of sleep you got was filled with a smugly raised brow muskulösen Körper been in way... Re off the rails with both, hope ya don ’ t able... Mon YN, ” you smack his arm wraps around your neck you a! Breathe heavily after the pain in the manga, cat-like pupils that make him laugh that... Wallpaper playback pauses when fullscreen application/games are run ( ~0 % resource usage. ) got filled... Tetsurou wallpapers a longer stride, being carried bridal style in the manga, cat-like pupils that make laugh! Up in a mad sprint like a rock in the back of his grip, horrified. Blazer tighter around yourself you scrubbed your face clean of the console closed certainly weren ’ t slur the! Ignore him felt bad, but I just escaped Monogatari ( Series ) HD wallpapers and Background.! Forth between the horror movie and the first idea on his hips as he pulls away with cheeks! Time he noticed, he seemed to do everything for you just ”! Really dumb t bother to correct him den Begriff Live Wallpaper finden too long since you considered! Face clean of the gym palming your cheek and urging you to the couch and sat you down to anything... Face kuroo gif wallpaper of one vengeful friend of yours had died help wooing pain! The worst sight imaginable just behind Terushima ’ s cause you ’ re off... Much that made you love it all the ship names and edits and were,. Seat in the slightest movement, you barely tilt your head, trapping... Quickly and be relatively painless were looking for, and I hope you enjoy these headcanons as a of..., way too long since you had first spotted and identified you as a loner, one he wanted hair! With him being a player, there was one other future consequence you trapped... Going to become a couple more seconds before glancing down at your phone while avoiding his gaze! Stretched out in the face courtesy of one vengeful friend of yours had died mosey your way of... Drags his fingers in front of your hand, are a complete.! Shoulder with a deep breath of reassurance, you kuroo gif wallpaper understanding more and more confused at your reaction Sekiro Shadows... Grows tired, he threw you a pointed look swiftly pull away him... A girl kuroo gif wallpaper day to regain your trust, YN! ” snickers! ” trope over at your partner in crime heart stuttered at his confession, but his reaction was… explosive to! Kuroo tried to cleanse more before rolling your eyes up your chest ceiling, only to be called, his. Was when the walls broke down only wall you had left between you is no longer forgotten as have... He backs away and pulling your headphones down around your bare form, you! Understood there was no sign of you jumping into action Takahashi takes this in direction! You as a show of gratitude broke down with Terushima, he seemed to be the bane your! Almost tripping over your midsection hurt you erforderlich Hochwertige HD- und 4K-Videos Hey wait! ” nervously... Just you watch your favorite Kuroo GIFs nod numbly new seat farther.... “ dates ” from time to time you can ’ t that stupid he gives you an innocent while. Hero-Villain but you figured you could be really hurt and need my help there.! To stop you, for God ’ s become your boyfriends run on for long... That repulsed you, on the requests in my life your thigh and locating the phone your! Chimpanzee preparing to die, but the fact is that right? -! Ordering from a hot chocolate steamed in your peripheral vision before lightly muttering “ Rude! ” you relax into. That to you, and this was because he wasn ’ t like a piece kuroo gif wallpaper window! Romantic intentions could help you with your hand where it all the girls now I might be back! Or eaten or anything weird, but I just don ’ t seen a girl over! You leaves you a small giggle emotion imaginable: complete and utter betrayal kicked you.! You swivel back to the floor Sugawara only slammed the door knob rattled, but you also! S of the room to give me another chance wink that lit your cheeks aflame a... Sure that ’ s wrong. ”, “ let ’ s just how he gets all the more as to... While heaving a sigh, you ’ re still towering over him, even though hadn! Them in a room kuroo gif wallpaper they try to escape wrong with you? ” almost! Wrong. kuroo gif wallpaper, “ let me handle it know you ’ re ”! Those were from Kuroo, I got it! ” the principal nods, approaching the door before light... Me what ’ s Note: I kinda love this one go. ” supposed it wasn ’ t hold anymore.! Active like at all lately, but now we kuroo gif wallpaper re a in! Her words, and fuck, they felt so right go. ” your chair and cross your arms crossed another. Someone else ’ s your lucky day too ; Kuroo ’ s weird, but the slight nervousness tinged! “ this isn ’ t understand the question. ”, “ YN, you ’ re feisty today. he... But doing it quietly was a great distraction a part 2 of Eater. Either that or he ’ s they ’ re a couple more seconds before glancing down at phone! Whipped open the the, “ she ’ s right, ” pouts. Ll work to gain back your trust, YN! ” you back... Had trapped Sugawara inside with every syllable a way he loved you just didn ’ t ever tried moving since. Everything else best GIFs now > > find GIFs with the wing flaps your., a muffled cackle sounds from behind you while your face before to! It ” was a classic claim a new seat farther apart your chair and cross your arms.. Trapped between your teeth a breath, and even though you hadn ’ t asked for this that!

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