16 comments. 97% Upvoted. Why would you wanna tie down that beautiful creature anyway...she is creature of the night Owwwwwoooooooooooooo. 6. In Skyrim, I married Iona, and said I want us to live at her house. I have looked at the wiki and tried everything that was written there. However, despite this danger, Aela is still hunting actively at night in her beast form. Take Up Arms: Prove you are worthy to join the Companions. Like most factions the Dragonborn joins, the Companions are facing times of struggle. My wife doesn't want to live with me anymore. This seems a bit strange coming from a member of the Companions. TheDragon and the Huntress. All rights reserved. 2. 1 Aela The Huntress. She can usually be found in Whiterun, inside the Jorrvaskr during daylight hours. Continue Reading. Killing her will not allow you to marry someone else. At the beginning of the game, we wander from Riverwood to Whiterun in order to speak with Jarl Balgruuf and warn him about the dragons, when Aela stops us out of nowhere. The two are actively hunting together at night, even though hunting in packs seems generally to be frowned upon by the Companions. A loyal member of the Companions and a potential follower, as well as a marriage candidate later on in the game, Aela the Huntress is one of the most popular characters in Skyrim. 438. According to uesp.net: "As with Farkas and Vilkas Aela is initially marked essential as a quest-giver, but if married, she is no longer essential." ESF: Aela is a project to add story content and new follower features to Aela the Huntress, of the Companions. Forum Posts. Marrying Aela the Huntress. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Now if you had married Ria, that would be different. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Whatever the case might be, we definitely recommend finding your friend Aela some proper light armor, in which she's actually proficient and which will benefit her archery build in the long run. Moreover, she's one of the more fleshed-out NPCs in the game, along with being an essential character that is unkillable. Tags: Aela, Elder, Huntress, married, Scrolls, Skyrim. *** So l married her and when l have her as follower l get the regular speech and pisses me off to know l have to kill her to get a new wife. While there are many reasons to love her, there are also tons of details about Aela that seem to make no sense. Aela is going to the Companion's place in Whiterun instead of home. And she still doesn't even bring up that i even have it? Rikve New Member. © Valve Corporation. She seems to get over Skjor's death a bit too fast. Page 2 of 2 < Prev 1 2. They shouldn't because i have tried disabling them all and she still didn't want to. If the Dragonborn is interested, they can ask her how they can join, to which she will respond by telling them to talk to Kodlak Whitemane, the Harbinger of the Companions. Whether you're killing innocents or trespassing, she won't usually bat an eye at our deeds. She was portrayed by Dodger. Her archery skills are a great addition to the kit of any close combat fighters who need a reliable follower. This is evident in her dialogue with Kodlak, where she states it's no one's business but hers that she goes out at night in her werewolf form. Companions Questline 1. This thread is archived. However, this only becomes available after you join the Companions and even then you need to actually pay for her training. Not to mention, it seems a bit sketchy to just recruit whoever you meet on the road outside of city gates. If we were such a deep disappointment to her, why would she invite us to come to Jorrvaskr? The original mod can be found here: Enhanced Skyrim Followers - Aela the Huntress ESF: Aela ist ein Projekt um Aela der Jägerin von den Gefährten neue Storyinhalte und Begleiter-Funktionen hinzuzufügen. Well, if you do end up pickpocketing her, you'll discover a somewhat strange and unexpected item in her pockets: The key to Whiterun's gate. Assuming the player does not gain the Huntress' approval by striking the giant, she will not hide her irritation with the Dragonborn for not helping her and her friends fight a giant outside of Whiterun. Aela the Huntress not using married lines, ***So first of all I AM ON PS3 so NO MODS or CONSOLE COMANDS tips!***. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Ok so I was able to marry Aela and get her as a companion. I did a little research and found out that if she gets a child or children, then she will complain about living in Whiterun, Riften and out of towns if the DLC is owned. RELATED: Skyrim: 10 Hidden Details About The Stormcloak Rebellion. Where is her house? Eventually, however, most members will seek out a cure during the main quest in order to have peace in Sovngarde after death, and even the Dragonborn can choose to be cured of their beast blood. And yet, if she's made to join the Blades, she just up and leaves the Companions, abandoning her previous armor and ways before moving to Sky Haven Temple. Additionally, she is an expert level Archery trainer, as well as a candidate for marriage and a follower after The Companions' main questline. Reviews: 0. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim How to get Married To Aela the Huntress By admin 2 months ago . The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Aela, on the other hand, refuses the cure. NEXT: Skyrim: 10 Weapons That Make The Game Too Easy (& How To Obtain Them). ... Told me to bring it to Aela the Huntress. Followers. This coming from one with experience. When we first meet Aela, it's evident she loves the Companions. Aela the Huntress is a Nord werewolf, a member of The Companions, and one of five members of The Circle. Aela can be I couldn’t find her in the yard so I snooped around the living quarters until I could find her room. If we listen carefully to the dialogues Aela has with Njada Stonearm, it's revealed that there are rumors floating around about her and Skjor. Previous Acis & Galatea – Handel – Patricia Janeckova – Valtice – 2017. Aela the Huntress/Skjor (1) Female Dovahkiin | Dragonborn/Ondolemar (1) Exclude Additional Tags Companions (4) Male-Female Friendship (4) Romance (3) Marriage (3) Short (2) Adventure (2) Werewolves (2) Original Character Death(s) (2) Canon-Typical Violence (2) POV Multiple (2) Other tags to exclude More Options I did NOT marry her, I married Muiri from the Hag's Cure in Markarth (though Aela was my second choice). The Dovahkiin will first encounter Aela fighting a giant alongside Farkas and Ria at a farm outside of Whiterun. Aela becomes a potential marriage candidate, … As a follower, she's incredibly tolerant of whatever the Dragonborn does. 14. Aela the Huntress is first encountered fighting alongside Farkas and Ria, fighting a Giant just outside of Whiterun. Aela the Huntress. Mjoll the Lioness. As I said, not yet having married her in game, can't say for sure. It's very difficult to figure out Aela's exact moral compass. How did she get the key in the first place? (radiant) 2. Sort by. I'm not sure I understand. Consider not buying a game that is only fixed by unofficial patches on a console incapable of having unofficial patches. Have you ever wondered what Aaela might be holding in her inventory, aside from absolute necessities? Discussion in 'General Skyrim Discussion' started by jon.fra.sim, Nov 21, 2011. 2 years ago. Overview. You won't be able to get Aela to talk sweet talk to you in " marriage" talk much if ever at all. report. I am not sure if my mods have anything to do with it.. Marriage partner disappears - posted in Skyrim Technical Support: I just recently married Aela the Huntress, but she has disappeared. I've beaten the companions story line and have gotten the amulet of mara, but she hasn't offered the marriage proposal and no new dialogue has even appeared. Among the most popular companion choices and marriage candidates in Skyrim, most dedicated fans are familiar with Aela The Huntress.The tough lady of the Companions is a fan favorite right next to Serana and Lydia, her design resembling most closely that of a Nordic shield maiden. Aela the Huntress, as back up for Dovahkiin, battled Leif Erikson and Erik the Red in Leif Erikson vs Dovahkiin. For someone so loyal, Aela sure changed her mind quickly. RELATED: Skyrim: Every Faction Ranked According To Strength. Prequel to "A Healer's Touch". She's an accomplished adventurer with a pleasant attitude who can tank with the best of … This is a disambiguation page—a navigational aid which lists other pages that might otherwise share the same title. Residing in Jorrvaskr with the other Companions, Aela offers lycanthropy deep into the faction's questline. save. Aela is a werewolf which is discovered during the Companions quest line. RELATED: Skyrim: The 5 Best Race Powers (& 5 That Are Terrible). She's preoccupied with honor, yet never rejects the Dragonborn when she sees them kill innocent people, steal things, or walk into houses uninvited. http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/52909/. So i married Aela the Huntress on Skyrim and after doing quests and the storyline for the Imperial Legion, she's just gone. 5. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. However, Aela hastily and vehemently denies the relationship, to the point of even threatening Njada if she pays attention to them.Other ambient dialogue between her and Skjor reveals that the two go out at night to hunt in beast form. Am I doing something wrong? In the current version of the mod, most of the core new follower functionality is complete, however writing is still underway for the story content. Residing in Jorrvaskr with the other Companions, Aela offers lycanthropy deep into the faction's questline. This is quite strange since she's a Nord and most Nords consider Sovngarde the ideal resting place to go to in order to be at peace with their ancestors. Where is Aela's house? However, if we look at her skills, it's evident that she's not specialized to wear such armor, which begs the question: Why does she have heavy armor in the first place? Glory of the Dead: Cure Kodlak's spirit and become leader of the Companions.Companion Radiant Quests 1. I don't think she died, i mean i HIGHLY doubt it although it could always be a possibility, but if so i didn't see the "Your follower is now leaving your service" message or anything like that, and i doubt i'd miss it. Enhanced Skyrim Followers: Aela the Huntress aims to correct that discontinuity. There's just not enough answers. User Lists: 2 #12 Edited By Bane. 8 years ago. Due to being werewolves, they need to be careful when hunting in order to avoid getting caught by their enemies, the Silver Hands. For whiterun she says the house is too small for you, her and the children. Aela the Huntress/Dovahkiin | Dragonborn; Aela the Huntress/Male Dovahkiin | Dragonborn; Brynjolf; Vex (Elder Scrolls) Aela the Huntress; Grelod the Kind; The Companions (Elder Scrolls) Skjor; Mercer Frey; Thieves Guild (Elder Scrolls) Honorhall Orphanage; Hunting; Summary. Learn More Affirmations. While it makes sense for such an important NPC to have the key in terms of game mechanics, if you really think about it story-wise, it's very strange and alarming. You only get 1 wife per character. hide. Marrying Aela? Women in her family have been members of the faction for generations and she considers it her responsibility to follow in their footsteps. Considering she admires her ancestors so much, it's odd that Aela prefers to go to Hircine's hunting grounds after death rather than Sovngarde. Animal Extermination (A): Fulfill a contract given to the Companions to kill an invading beast. Her annoyance doesn't really make any sense. I play on the xbox 360 and it's really annoying because I have … All through out Whiterun all that could be heard apart from the crackling of fire was the joyous laughter and bellows piercing the cool night air. Follow 996. share. When spoken to, she says she is part of the Shield Brothers and if you are interested, speak to the leader of The Companions. My Wife Aela The Huntress calling me Brother, After completing the Companions Quest line i married Aela and she is still calling me "Brother" as idel chat or if i hit her. I can't meet her though because i don't know where it is and it is not showing up on my map. I married her because she could hold her own in a fight. (i don't condone hitting any women but she got in the way of my sword...) She says "Somthing has shifted in the moons, Brother." A loyal member of the Companions and a potential follower, as well as a marriage candidate later on in the game, Aela the Huntress is one of … RELATED: Skyrim: 10 Ridiculously Long Quests With Terrible Rewards. Can I get Aela the Huntress to use the bow I give her? It is rumored among the Companions that she and Skjor have a very intimate relationship with one another; Njada Stonearm's conversations with Aela reveals this. The Silver Hand: Join the ranks of The Circle and clear Gallows Rock of werewolf hunters. For a bunch of werewolves in hiding, the Companions sure seem trusting. Here are 10 things about our favorite Companions member that make absolutely no sense to us. Wiki Points. Tea lover and video game obsessed writing enthusiast with her very own Overwatch team, Anastasia writes about games that leave an impression on her and make her come back time and time again. Aela stuck inside Shrine of Talos. 12. Aela the Huntress disappeared during Battle for Whiterun. If you ask us, training for loved ones should come free of charge. After all, she never asked us to help, and she shouldn't expect just any stranger on the road to jump to one's aid. Aela the Huntress is a Nord and lives in Jorrvaskr. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I thought "essential" meant those NPCs could not die. I've waited in the temple of Mara for days (in game time) without her returning, I have gone to my house and Jorrvaskar with no success, and the placeatme console command is not working. Just read in the wiki re: Aela. I've married her on the Console version of the game, But now i am playing with a PC and i have finished the companions... Talking to Marmal and gotten the amulet of Mara. Her mother was a Companion. She wears Ancient Nord Armor. Aela the Huntress is a Nord werewolf, a member of The Companions, and one of five members of The Circle. So I had married Aela the Huntress a while ago and just after I got adopted a kid, she started going to Jorrvskar or however you spell it. Wouldn't only guards have the key? Aela the Huntress not using married lines ***So first of all I AM ON PS3 so NO MODS or CONSOLE COMANDS tips! 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Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). We've all been there. If the Dragonborn approaches, whether or not he/she decides to help them battle the giant, Aela will start a conversation with them and tell him/her about the Companions. Not to mention, she's one of the few members who actually doesn't reject her beast blood, which goes to show how much she cares for the Companions.

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