Are participating in the Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES) process or awaiting discharge due to a medical condition resulting from a serious injury or illness that occurred in the line of duty. An injured worker is eligible for vocational rehabilitation services when the recognized claim is either: a lost time claim (8 or more days off work due to the allowed injury) allowed by a BWC or Industrial Commission order; or, a … Are able to obtain, retain or advance in employment as a result of services. Eligibility. Office of Accountability & Whistleblower Protection, Training – Exposure – Experience (TEE) Tournament, Staff Appraisal Reviewer (SAR) Information, How to Apply for Nonsupervised Automatic Authority, VALERI (VA Loan Electronic Reporting Interface). This video will provide you with information about Vocational Rehabilitation and the services you can receive. A copy of your tribal enrollment card or letter from the enrollment office is needed for verification. You may be eligible for vocational rehabilitation services if you: Have a disability which results in substantial barriers to employment. The Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services (DDRS) offers Blind Services, Deaf Services, Developmental Disability Services, and Quality Improvement Services among others, but we will be talking about their Vocational Rehabilitation programme in this article. Find out how to apply for VR&E benefits and services as a service member or Veteran. To enter and activate the submenu links, hit the down arrow. Date the Veteran was first notified by VA of a service-connected disability rating. If you’re participating in a VR&E employment program and lost your housing because of a natural or other disaster, you may qualify for 2 more months of the Employment Adjustment Allowance. It generally lasts 2–3 months, but it can continue, for a … You need VR services to get or keep a job. How Does VGLI Compare to Other Insurance Programs? Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. Veterans participating in the VR&E Program who elect the Post-9/11 rate are paid at the 100% rate level for their school and training time, even if their Post-9/11 GI Bill eligibility is less than 100%. You may be eligible for VR&E benefits and services if you’re a Veteran, and you meet all of the requirements listed below. A comprehensive evaluation includes: A VRC works with the Veteran to complete a determination if an employment handicap exists. It is sometimes called VR or Voc Rehab. Depending on their circumstances, Veterans will work with their VRC to select one of the following five tracks of services (see definitions for more detail): After a plan is developed and signed, a VRC or case manager will continue to work with the Veteran to implement the plan to achieve suitable employment and/or independent living. Learn more about accessing VR&E services through IDES, Find out how to apply for a discharge upgrade, Learn about the VA Character of Discharge review process, View the current Chapter 31 subsistence allowance rates, View the current Post-9/11 GI Bill benefit rates, Download the SEI program fact sheet (PDF), Download the NPWE program fact sheet (PDF), Watch this video to learn more about the NPWE program. The VA’s Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) Program helps veterans who have service-connected disabilities get and keep a job. An assessment of the Veteran's interests, aptitudes, and abilities, An assessment of whether service connected disabilities impair the Veteran's ability to find and/or hold a job using the occupational skills he or she has already developed, Vocational exploration and goal development leading to employment and/or maximum independence in the Veteran's daily living at home and in the community, Identify viable employment and/or independent living services options, Explore labor market and wage information, Identify physical demands and other job characteristics, Select a VR&E program track leading to an employment or independent living goal, Identify resources needed to achieve rehabilitation, Develop an individualized readiness plan to achieve the identified employment or independent living goals, Direct job placement services for new employment, Employment through long term services including OJT, college, and other training.

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