Today we find Christian and Bible schools steadily emerging as a counter–cultural trend empowering Bible–focused training in higher education. Also a plus is the weekly student–led Sunday night praise and worship service. The school grew and relocated in 1968 to her current location, opening a seminary in 1972 and a graduate school in 1989. Students can take classes without paying extra to drive to campus, and learn in the comfort of their own home. Their study abroad program is another plus, covering locations in Australia, the United Kingdom, Spain, and other regions. Located 10 miles outside of Dallas, this school has a heritage in both Franciscan and Dominican monasticism—thus merging the ecumenical and the scholastic strengths of both. Access to Over 130+ Low-Cost ministry credentials including awards, Licensed or ordination Programs, Certificates, diplomas, and degrees. Faith Evangelical College (Lutheran)—–Tacoma, Washington The Bible was written by 40 men during a period of 1,500 years. Pensacola Christian College (Independent–Bible Baptist)—–Pensacola, Florida They are not yet accredited with any of the preferred accreditation boards mentioned above (ABHE, TRACS, or CCCU). The Protestant Bible School International offers ten theological courses aimed at all committed Christians who wish to understand the Scriptures and their message better and who need training in leading others to Jesus Christ. 37. Common courses to all majors include Old and New Testament, Christian Theology, and Gordon distinctives “The Great Conversation,” and “The Examined Life,” as well as unspecified required electives in Civic Responsibility, Global Understanding, and the Human Person. Still, Liberty is culturally conscious, having impressive philosophy and apologetics programs. Today “truth” is taught as relative and situational. Originally founded in 1890 by John Wesley Hughes, this Wilmore, Kentucky college is rooted in the Wesleyan Holiness tradition. Founded in 1891 by pastors, ranchers, and merchants, this West Texas school underwent several name changes in it’s history but all the way through they have been steadfast in offering quality Christian higher education in the southwest. 82. I wanted to learn the Bible more, My name is Richard Parish, all my friends call me Rick. They could not work together in any direct way. Pepperdine University (Churches of Christ)—–Malibu, California Online programs are designed to fit into the busy schedules of working students. On top of their full and online campuses, Johnson University features five ExtendEd programs (extension campuses) for adult and alternative education in Indianapolis, IN, Knoxville, TN, Louisville, KY, Phoenix, AZ, and Orlando, FL. See more about Wheaton in these articles: Providing genuinely “Christ–centered” education, Dallas Baptist University (DBU) is a worthy entry on this list. The biblical–Christian foundation at Hardin–Simmons shows in their weekly chapel services and vibrant campus ministry life, together with their undergraduate Bible offerings consisting of six programs through Logsdon school of theology, where students can choose between biblical studies, religion, ministry, biblical languages, religion–minor, and ethics. It’s no wonder Toccoa Falls has become a hidden gem in the southeast region with accolades from Princeton Review, U.S. News and World Report, and Colleges of Distinction. 85. Students can major in Christian Education and Youth Ministry, or Religion, but those are the only two distinctly religious options for ministry–minded majors. Moreover, the adjoining Talbot Theological Seminary carries on that apologetics prowess with ministry degrees for the church–minded Bible student (MDiv, MA, and DMin). Johnson University was founded in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1893 for the purpose of training upcoming ministers for the mission field. Moreover, Wheaton is unique in offering degrees in Bible at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral level (BA, MA, and PhD). That means every student is at least a Bible major together with any other major they choose. I did my BA. The school maintains their Biblical Christian identity through regular chapel services, daily Bible study, and a character–based campus–wide initiative called the "Cornerstone project." ORU is acclaimed as a Steinway School (as of 2011), a “Best in the West” regional school in the Princeton Review (2011–2012), a U.S. News “Top Tier” school, and even a top “Military Friendly School” according to Victory Media (2013). #25 among The 50 Best Undergraduate Colleges in the U.S. #1 Best College in Illinois in our 100 Best Colleges and Universities by State 2018–2019, #26 on The Best Colleges for Homeschool Graduates, #8 on The Top 20 Online Christian Colleges, DBU ranks among The 100 Best Online Colleges, #2 among The Best Online Colleges in Texas, #18 on The Top 20 Online Christian Colleges, #30 on The Best Colleges for Homeschool Graduates. Luther College (Lutheran)—–Decorah, Iowa FREE COURSES IN BIBLICAL STUDIES If you are looking for a FREE and practical method of discovering what the Bible teaches about key issues, these programs are for you! The school is non–denominational but with a strong leaning towards their Plymouth Brethren heritage, which effectively shapes the campus culture. Anchoring conservative Christian academia on the west coast, Los Angeles–based Biola is an established top–tier Christian school. The average class size at Taylor is a small 13:1 ratio. Baltimore School of the Bible, organized in 1931, provides fundamental biblical teaching which is evangelical in its beliefs, nondenominational in its scope, evangelistic in its purpose and missionary in its outlook. Besides focusing the school’s aim on the ministry, this prerequisite also shapes the campus culture around Christian service, preaching, and teaching. As for costs, the school is expensive at $44,380 total cost per year (in 2017). Today, Johnson University is a solid small–to–mid–sized Christian liberal arts school with 1,026 students across their undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs, across all campuses. Post-modern philosophy is that truth is whatever is true for you. 86. UD also has one of the strongest study abroad programs in the nation, with 80% of students studying in partner universities overseas, primarily in Rome, Italy. See more about Grove City in these articles: Tucked away in Cedarville, Ohio, lies a thriving Christian school over 100 years young, Cedarville University (CU). Click here to see proof of applicant status with the Association of Biblical Higher Education. See more about Dallas Baptist in these articles: In the foothills of the blue ridge mountains, just outside of the Chattahoochee National Forest is the picturesque campus of Toccoa Falls College (TFC). Prospective students may also take advantage of the different study tracks including dual–credit classes (for high school and college credit), online classes, and a 3–year intensive degree plan. Students have seven different Bible and Ministry options for their major and minor. Besides the Bible component, Cedarville has mandatory daily chapels, a strong ethics code, and ministry–intensive campus life. Founded in 1963 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, by Pentacostal word–faith evangelist Oral Roberts, this institution has a checkered history from its founder and subsequent presidents. Church–ministry minded students will not be disappointed. The Bible brings the true promises of God to us. 13 courses lead the student on a comprehensive Bible journey resulting in a clear understanding of the subject. Oklahoma Baptist University (Baptist)—–Shawnee, Oklahoma Liberty is easily one of the best schools to "just learn some Bible." Bible prophecy will come to life as you study these beautifully illustrated, easy-to-follow Bible study guides. And many of these schools have only loose or no denominational affiliations regardless of what the brochures say. 95. As of 2017, Taylor’s enrollment is 1,890 with 460 students having served in international study and service programs. Hope College (Reformed Church in America)—–Holland, Michigan 103. Class size is a modest 13:1 student to teacher ratio. World Mission University (Korean/Protestant–Evangelical)—–Los Angeles, California. A Bible School on Wheels training event introduces you to the content, shows you how to use it and equips you to go out and impact your community. 81. Our online Bible school is completely free. The cost is about $40,290 a year. Charleston Southern University (Baptist)—–Charleston, South Carolina But what vaults this school onto this list is its mandatory Bible component. 66. 34. 36. To fill out this goal, HBU had a major hiring surge in 2012, taking on acclaimed Christian scholars John Mark Reynolds, Michael Licona, Nancy Pearcey, Bruce Gordon, Richard Martinez, Louis Markos, Mary Joe Sharp, and Holly Ordway. Theol and BA Honours at BISA in 2001-2003" The name has changed since then, to Bethel University, as the school has grown to be one of the largest and most esteemed Christian universities in the country. At any price, give me the book of God! But most of all, students who go here should expect intentional biblical worldview integration within a Bible–intensive course load. Degrees by Correspondence The Assembly of God-affiliated Global University of Springfield, Missouri, offers a bachelor's degree with majors in Bible and theology, intercultural studies or Christian education. UD enrolls 1,407 undergraduate students and about 950 in their graduate program. This list includes Bible schools as well as other schools with strong Bible programs. They offered their first 4–year bachelor’s degrees starting in 1937. Broadly, evangelical and non–denominational, Multnomah has a fortified history of teaching biblical inerrancy and inspiration and a hard–earned reputation of training students to apply scripture in ministry and vocational service. 61. We’re prioritizing the health and safety of our students by transitioning to an adapted, online format. In the second year, students learn more about the history of the church as well as the reliability of the Bible. Messiah is also a NCAA–III school with 12 different sports and 23 different championship titles over their history. North Greenville University (Baptist)—–Greer, South Carolina This use of the great texts of Western Civilization explores, critiques, and celebrates the benefits of the Western cultural tradition while at the same time fostering it. 77. Students can expect an a total cost of about $38,175 per year, not counting fees. 94. Yet this sizable award–winning school has stayed true to their heritage. Adhering to Wesleyan–Anabaptist theology they are historically pacifist, emphasizing peace and reconciliation within servant–hearted Christian community. #29 on The Best Colleges for Homeschool Graduates, Asbury University ranks among The 100 Best Online Colleges, #4 among The Best Online Colleges in Kentucky, Bring Athens and Jerusalem Together [integrate philosophy and Christianity]. The school has long since expanded to include men and women and follows to broadly non–denominational evangelical theology. So, the following honorable mentions—listed in alphabetic order—deserve attention as each of them is a regionally and nationally accredited institution of higher learning with significant Bible programs, including programs in Religion and Theology and Biblical Language. Emmaus is comprehensive in their efforts to train the whole person spiritually and socially, and students should be aware of what that involves. Moody sports an enrollment of over 4,000 students, with more than two dozen degree–granting programs, as well as three online degrees. Students can get a biblical languages degree, a continuing education certificate in Bible, or can have concentrations in Bible within other degree tracks like pastoral ministry. Originally, the school was named "Kentucky Holiness College," but later took on the name of "Asbury" in honor of the famous circuit–riding methodist preacher Francis Asbury. Welch College (Free Will Baptist)—–Nashville, Tennessee Westmont College (Non–Denomination)—–Santa Barbara, California One of the most distinguished colleges on the list, Gordon has commendations from Forbes, Princeton Review, and U.S. News and World Report. Over 50 accredited professors who hold advanced degrees and who are committed to the Word of God. Most undergraduate students are confessing Catholics (82%). A truth that transcends our experience. 33. Bible School on Wheels#1. 93. © 2021, a Red Ventures Company. John Mark Reynolds has since left to pursue other interests, but his mark has been made. The cost is very low—–tuition is free, while room & board, books, fees, and other incidentals may amount to around $14,600 per school year. Shasta Bible College (Baptist)—–Redding, California Charlotte Christian College (Non–denominational)—–Charlotte, North Carolina May we introduce to you our plan to help you study the Sacred Scriptures? TEN Courses MAXIMIZE LEARNING AND ACCELERATE GROWTH. Dordt College (Christian Reformed)—–Sioux City, Iowa Bethesda University (Charismatic/Non–denominational)—–Anaheim, California Fresno Pacific University (Anabaptist)—–Fresno, California Class size runs about 15 students per professor with about 3,852 enrolled (including 562 are graduate students). With such a wide presence, one might be surprised to find the school is a modest 25 acres, enrolling only 407 students. The university is one of the world’s best at framing all its departments within a biblical–Christian worldview. "My time at the Bible Institute of South Africa cannot be overestimated. 68. Davis College (Non–Denominational)—–Johnson City, New York Calvary Bible College—–Kansas City, Missouri Now Bethel University has broadened their educational offerings across four schools: arts & science, adult and professional studies, Bethel Graduate school, and Bethel Seminary. Among its features, the school competes in eight NCAA Division one sports. 79. Collectively, Christian schools and Bible schools serve a vital role in faith and learning in America, and many Christian colleges are expanding their reach with online degree programs. Boise Bible College (Churches of Christ)—–Boise, Idaho Also added is the Department of Apologetics, to work in tandem with the Philosophy Department. Meanwhile, liberal arts Christian schools like Biola, Liberty, or Regent, devote considerable time and energy towards a well–rounded education including science, math, history, literature, art, and so on. 67. In some ways this variety can explore biblical implications and applications and can even enlighten one’s reading of the biblical text. Receive a certificate of graduation after completion. The school has also established the International Renewal Ministries (IRM), a catalyst for racial reconciliation in the Portland area.