a being of immense power. The lantern acted as a gateway to the Tangent Universe (now designated Earth-9). Comic Book by Tangent Comics, Sep 01 1998 : Title : Details : Reviews : Stats : Tangent Comics/The Trials of the Flash 1-A by Tangent Comics Info. Avengers Vol 7 #40 Cover G Incentive Joshua Cassara Stormbreakers Variant Cover, Lone Ranger Vol 4 #7 Cover C Incentive John Cassaday Virgin Cover, Iron Patriot #1 Cover A Regular Garry Brown Cover, Hey Amateur Go From Novice To Nailing It In 9 Panels SC, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Family Is Forever T-Shirt X-Large, DC Heroes Teen Titans 1/9 Scale Polystone Statue - Nightwing, Predators Berserker Predator Previews Exclusive 1/18 Scale Figure, Marvel HeroClix Earth X Halfworld Outdoor / Galador Promenade Outdoor Double Sided Map, Watchmen Tales Of The Black Freighter DVD, Midtown Comics Action Figure Acrylic Boxes 5-Pack Large, Add 10 more regular titles to complete your Pull List. 10% OFF. DC Comics began reprinting the Tangent Comics one-shots in 2007 with a series of trade paperbacks. Tangent Comics Vol. Lia Nelson is the second most recognized person on the planet, next to The Atom or Superman. 1. including radioactive samples collected by the crew, Lia was born a being made of light. He identified the Tangent Universe as Earth-97. In 2005, the Tangent Universe was established as part of DC's wider multiverse in a cameo in the Crisis Crossover Infinite Crisis, but lay fallow afterwards. Enter to win prizes and giveaways. 3. She appeared in a 1997/1998 DC Comics creative project called Tangent Comics. 10% OFF. Prices in boldface GREEN are for items that are presently onSale. Tangent Comics/The Flash, Edition# 1 Comic – December 1, 1997 by DC (Author, Illustrator) See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. If you are bored from Tangent Comics/ The Trials of the Flash comic, you can try surprise me link at top of page or select another comic like Tangent Comics/ The Trials of the Flash #Full from our huge comic list. She approached the heroes of that world for access to the lantern so that she could return home. 10% OFF. She can either appear in multiple places at once or project images of herself. Not long after, (Countdown: Arena #3, 2007). ushered in a new age of hi-tech invention, where the Cuban Missile Crisis accelerated into an atomic Add. The Flash has encountered a number of villains, but her main foe is Nightwing. The line, formed from various one-shots, focused on creating all-new characters using established DC names, such as the Joker, Superman, and the Flash. that would end the Soviet competition. Tangent Comics was a DC Comics imprint created in 1997, developed from ideas created by Dan Jurgens. Her father is a rather bumbling agent, still employed only because Nightwing prefers to keep an eye on him. A Spotlight On DC's First "Tangent Comics' Week THE FLASH It could be a coincidence, but the Tangent Flash comic was a similar idea to a Flash idea that Marv Wolfman had after Crisis on Infinite Earths of a female Flash who could turn into light. The Tangent Universe existed within the realm of Hypertime untilAlexander Luthor re-created the original multiverse (Infinite Crisis, 2006). As the first child born in space and a super-hero, Lia has grown up a celebrity. 10% OFF. Tangent Comics: The Flash #1 . “The world of Tangent Comics is a world very Prices in boldface RED are for items that are presently being discounted from normal price (this changes daily! Tangent Comics / The Flash. They helped her escape from one of Nightwing’s more serious plots, and she helped Plastic Man escape from their clutches. Prices in boldface BLUE are for items shown as in stock (subject to prior sale...). Tangent Comics/ The Flash Issues List. He identified the Tangent Universe as Earth-97. Tangent Comics was a DC Comics imprint created in 1997 – 1998, developed from ideas created by Dan Jurgens. However, the child disappeared from captivity, reappearing with her mother, 84. Celeste Nelson and Terrance Kelly were, respectively, the chief engineer and commander of Earth-2 Flash and Earth-3 Johnny Quick Submit Corrections Submit New Variant Cover Contribution History. Nightwing also created a solid hologram duplicate of Lia, sort of a “Reverse-Flash.” The Flash easily overpowered her. This Flash, Lia Nelson, comes from Earth-9, also known as the Tangent Universe. Upon returning to Earth, Kelly immediately turned over his The DC Universe has had many elseworlds stories over the years sometimes they result in full on separate imprints. Follow us on Facebook. Post-Infinite Crisis, the Tangent Universe (or one similar to it) has been incorporated into the new 52-world Multiverse (Countdown #40, 2007), Tangent Comics/ The Flash #1 (1997) Published by DC Comics in VF condition. In Infinite Crisis #6 (2006), the DC Multiverse was temporarily recreated, with the Tangent heroes appearing on Earth-97. After the six halted a plot to destroy the moon, the Atom suggested they work together in the future. were able to stop it, nor even whether the Flash herself had survived the onslaught Tangent Comics Vol. Storyline: B-B-B-Blackout! Run reports on your collection. different from our own. Tangent Comics Flash was a young girl called Lia Nelson who was composed of light. Premiere Tangent Comics Comic Book Tangent Comics/The Flash 1 A Tags: Tangent Comics Tangent Tangent Comics vol 2 - JLA - Nightwing Night Force - Powergirl - Superman - Tales of the Green Lantern - The Batman ctc - The Joker's Wild - Trials of The Flash - … Preview at The lantern acte… Tangent Comics was a chance to re-invent a whole super-hero world using only the names of DC characters. Assistant Director Francis “Black Lightning” Powell has a particular vendetta against her, and has sent more capable agents after her...with no success. “fell in love one night” and had a child. Lia sees through his facade, though. His plots are generally overcomplicated and thwarted by his own incompetence (rather like a Roadrunner-Coyote cartoon). Art by Gary Frank, Mike McKone, J.H. DC, 1997 Series 1 #: Index Status / Cover Scan Status (1 cover for 1 issue available). Dark Star is tasked with extinguishing the Flash's light at the premiere of the Flash… Also converging on the area were the Joker, Manhunter, and two reluctant agents of Nightwing: Plastic Man and the Spectre. When that multiverse collapsed, the lantern itself washed up on a beach on “New Earth,” the lynchpin of the new He plays the doting father, but his overriding ambition is to capture Lia, turn her over to Nightwing, and restore his own credibility. Collects Tangent Comics: Metal Men (1997), Tangent Comics: Atom (1997), Tangent Comics: Flash (1997), Tangent Comics: Green Lantern (1997), and Tangent Comics: Sea Devils (1997). By DC Written by Karl Kesel Tom Simmons Art by Joe Phillips Release Date 9/1/1998. Earth-Tangent survived, as their world’s Superman defeated the Ultra-Humanite and took Tangent Comics The Flash #1 by DC comics in Very Fine + condition Tangent Comics The Flash #1Tangent Comics The Flash #1 published by DC comics, and touch 'Show more' for grading details for this Tangent Comics comic book, and touch 'Show more' to lower your total for this Tangent Comics … She can create solid holograms (“sol-hols”) out of light, including the light that makes up her own body. In the dimensional reality known as Earth-9, elite fashion model and actress Lia Nelson has adapted superhuman speed and control through a yet unrevealed event. As the Crisis hit their world, the Tangent Flash and Green Lantern were among those attempting to save lives as the Crisis.When that multiverse collapsed, the lantern itself washed up on a beach on “New Earth,” the lynchpin of the new52-world Multiversethat was created in the wake of the new Crisis. Cash advances up to $1M available. Read It. This world's Flash is the first baby born in space. In The Kingdom #2 (1999), the Tangent Universe appeared as an alternate timeline within the structure of Hypertime. Dark Star is tasked with extinguishing the Flashs light at the premiere of the Flashs holographic movie. All rights reserved. Tangent Comics/ The Flash #1 (Dec. 1997): “Premiere” by Todd DeZago, Gary Frank, Cam Smith. Her mother was somewhat of a minor hero herself and her father was an agent of Nightwing, though not very good at his job. A re-imagining of the Flash exists in the Just Imagine series. Dark Star is tasked with extinguishing the Flash's light at the premiere of the Flash's holographic movie. 2. Return to Title Search View all issues of this title. Please Select A Grade. Tangent Comics was a DC Comics imprint that introduced the Tangent Universe, a new universe of superheroes, ... Tangent's Flash is a teenage celebrity and movie star named Lia Nelson who has the ability to move at the speed of light, fly, teleport, and create holograms. A click on the cover leads to the large cover view, a click on the issue number to the issue data. It’s a world where the 1960s debut of a nuclear-powered hero called The Atom represent Earth-9 and the Flashes in his Arena, where he forced her to battle the Lia has become friends with two of her teammates in the Secret Six, Plastic Man and the Spectre. Fine: $2.32 $2.58. Speed Force $3.92. Contrasting the Tangent Universe with the DC Universe, Jurgens commented: The Tangent Superman, learning of alternate realities, immediately set out to conquer New Earth Flash forward. Very Good: $1.90. The last of the original Tangent books published showed the world being subjugated by the Ultra-Humanite, Volume 1 - 1st printing. View Your Shopping Cart View Your Want List. Tangent Comics Flash. The line, made up of various one-shots, focused on creating all-new characters using established DC names, such as the Joker, Batman, and the Flash. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Lia was abducted by Monarch to She was a celebrity from the time of her birth, as her parents were the first astronauts to go on the Jupiter Mission.