11. $81 billion and still most people see through them…. That’s a very Machiavellian attitude. Before the difficult days come, And they claim the moral authority to complain about someone maybe working for a company that legally provides a necessary service. Was he required to declare any funding for any reason from sources which may have appeared to have conflicts of interest or not? Washington, DC 20005 and that right soon (Mods, please note that Fekete welcomes the public to repost his work, and has personally given me permission to do so.) Poor, under appreciated, under paid science professor realizes that he can make big money by cooking up some awesome climate data, they call it ‘green math’. His Green Math is a hit with the users & dealers. The idea behind it was that there was “perfect” human form, and that we could describe that being and breed for it. Expect players to include the EPA, IPCC and other worldwide governmental agencies in concert with the green NGOs, new “science” graduates on the prowl for grants, and a sycophantic press corps. Summary of Climate No Big Government money coming my direction telling me what to write. Reminds me of the punchline of an old joke…. (Really. Margarine is good. Though my guess is that the intern who wrote it had no idea what he was saying, a letter from Dr. Soon’s lawyer might at least garner an apology. share. It’s not a secret he’s taken money from the energy sector, just as many other non-skeptical researchers have. That’s interesting phil-dot. The joy of the Lord is your strength. Other. Much has been made of the use of the term “deliverables” including your comment above. http://www.microcapobserver.com/scientist-falsifying-research-papers-on-risks-of-global-warming-funded-by-energy-industry/236431/ – Jonathon Moseley, American Thinker, “…flashy (apparently widely distributed)”– Michael E. Mann, Material on this website is copyright © 2006-2021, by Anthony Watts, and may not be stored or archived separately, rebroadcast, or republished without written permission. The oil companies became concerned for their survival in a future without oil. No-one is trying to impeach Cowtan. His Judgement Cometh YouTube (Jan 13, 2021) His Judgement Cometh. Melissa nailed it. It might be an error. Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection took in $19,150,215. Good brownie points. R A Cook THUS THE CO2 CHANGE FROM BURNING FOSSIL FUELS HAS NO SIGNIFICANT EFFECT ON CLIMATE. What part of Eugenics has been overturned? I suspect that the accusation that any of Dr. Soon’s papers were “falsified” is the part you think might be actionable. The closest . Conflicts that might influence the work (the subject of the paper). We must shift our efforts from the treatment of the symptoms to the cutting out of the cancer.” – I felt that the article linked above might have been written by a non native English speaker, but a bunch of children also fits the bill! The phrase "His judgment cometh and that right soon" does not exist in the Bible, BTW. http://Www.scibull.com in english. It’s gone to the point to where even a mind above such pettiness should push back and start filing the libel suits. Nick Stokes, you’ve published many posts here, yet you’ve never acknowledged your past revenue sources. Read his books. His judgement cometh and that right soon: Shawshank Redemption twenty years on. 50 million flies can’t be wrong! He greens also have problem in regards to say sexual harassment Dr. The world's most viewed site on global warming and climate change. As for Dr. 1. Scientists from the United China States and are saying they have found new insight on what really exists at the core of our planet suggesting that there could be another distinctive region in there. Soon at USC. I am not sure of the differences between the government report below versus that stated in the article, but this 2014 FY government report indicates that the federal climate change budget/expenditures are in the order of $ 20 + billion dollars. Authority FY 2013 22,598 Quote by Paul Ehrlich, professor, Stanford University: “A cancer is an uncontrolled multiplication of cells; the population explosion is an uncontrolled multiplication of people. Nick Stokes, you have published many posts here, I have yet to see you acknowledge past or present revenue sources. “In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. Thus, then, the basis for money creation is the flimsy check-kiting scheme whereby the Federal Reserve banks buy the bonds with freshly printed notes, while the Treasury uses these notes to pay the bondholders. However, no serious action was taken against Madoff until the scheme collapsed by itself. Not really so old.) http://www.amazon.com/Cracking-Big-Green-Save-Earth-ebook/dp/B00O4F3F22 John M February 24, 2015 at 2:04 pm It looked to me like some kind of settlement was reached and that the parties agreed to keep the settlement confidential. journal: “I suspect that eradicating small pox was wrong. There is no single, ideal form of horse. Phasing out the human race will solve every problem on Earth. That’s what benofhouston was referring to. While the sun and the light, Gildas, you being a simple man of the cloth, you wouldn’t be aware of this, but it’s a system that’s been in operation in the backrooms of certain pubs (obviously not the Raccoon Arms) for many years. His judgement cometh and that right soon. 5 0. “Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.” The moon and the stars, Gee. Here is one of those papers. My gawd, energy balance is as old as dirt in engineering, and no one would worry about citing previous work using energy balance at all. These creeps think that just because they would make up stuff for money anybody else will. Thanks for an important link in this chain. Sports Teams. Shawshank Redemption; like ; meh; The Feeling after exams end . Report Shawshank Redemption tree last day. Who has an anti-science attiude? Now add in Greenpeace USA at $32,791,149, the Greenpeace Fund at $12,878,777; the National Wildlife Federation at $84,725,518; the National Parks Conservation Association at $25,782,975; and The Wilderness Society at $24,862,909. “His research, validated by a committee of scientists, led to the government culling of 40,000 elephants in following years but he later concluded the culling did not reverse the degradation of the land, calling that decision “the saddest and greatest blunder of my life.”[21][22] This blunder, brought about by interpreting research data to fit the prevailing world-view..” Wikipedia, Mark Steyn quotes Theodore Dalrymple with regard totalitarian regimes thus: Soon and Balunias published a peer-reviewed paper confirming the existence of the Medieval Warm Period [MWP]. There really is no unseen act. They did not want to be seen on camera saying that AGW was at best a scam. Judgment Cometh (And That Right Soon): A Suspense Thriller (Joe Dillard Series Book 8) - Kindle edition by Pratt, Scott. Dr. Willie Soon is an aerospace engineer affiliated (part-time) with the Harvard Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics who publishes weak climate papers (always, always, with the same unsubstantiated “it’s all just natural solar variation” chant).He’s now been caught out by communists Greenpeace researchers. Some folks can be very ‘enterprising’. But it IS wrong not to disclose it to the journals who publish it. Discarded are the old values: durable knowledge, work-hard/save-hard ethics, long-horizon planning, and a healthy fear of dangers involved in the unlimited accumulation of debt. 25, No. The alarmist crowd cannot tolerate the fact that a Harvard researcher has confirmed that the MWP existed, and that it was warmer than now. I am old enough to remember the Oil Embargo of the early 1970’s and the gas rate hikes (5o cents a gallon–shockingly high!). ““consensus of opinion only later to find that consensus overturned? Yeah, since ‘problem’ is a very human thing. In effect both instruments are irredeemable and neither has backing in the form of any verifiable segregated wealth in existence. They need to discredit him before any hearings. Truth need not be mentioned. JP. Whether good or evil.”. Washington, DC 20005 When skeptics vocally attacked Mann it was for obvious reasons and it was always about his “scientific” methods, not his grants. The latest paper he did with Monckton et al was on their own time! I had the pleasure of exchanging several conversations with Dr. The Environmental Defense Fund listed $111,915,138 in earnings, the Natural Resources Defense Council took in $98,701,707 and the National Audubon Society took in $96,206,883. See more people named Anna … I’m sure that whatever funding he has received, was based on the fact that he was working at such a prestigious Institution, and it is essentially that body that has been the recipient of the beneficence of Soon’s grantors. The journal requires the information on Conflict of Interest, which I listed, from its authors. microcapobserver.com The Times lied, millions died, as they say. Well the nation has been the most divided it has been since the Vietnam war and like the previous administration, science is only used if it takes the role of whore to political expediency. “According to Washington City Governor Scott Walker (R) he is not sure if US President Barack Obama love (sic) America.” Their “About” page doesn’t give much information, and certainly no names or specific contacts. In the end that is all that matters anyway. Seems this ‘consensus’ is now incorrect as well: Swiss Geologist Studies 10,800-Year Old Tree Trunk Under Alps Glacier. If you are a saver, your savings account is surreptitiously pilfered as bond speculators drive interest rates up. The twelfth chapter begins with a symbolic description of growing old: This is detrimental to economical electricity in the future. The fact that Madoff’s returns were impossible was easy to see, there were lots of people who should have seen it, and many others who MUST have seen it but were taking advantage of it. One can only wish it were so. Just wondering if anyone knows the name of the current science advisor to the POTUS? They certainly have nothing to show for their stated objectives of saving the wild. The same people who don’t believe engineers about steel and concrete and pressure waves and metal strength, now believe actors and politicians who can’t pass divinity school about complex heat transfer equations and intrinsic feedback mechanisms of 3d fluid flow and radiation? His Judgement Cometh and that Right Soon T-Shirt – Warden Norton’s office is the setting for this classic quote. Marvel at their works:– Ministers, privy councillors and MPs cheating on expenses to the tune of millions and mostly getting away with it.– Nu-labour Prime Minister lying to the public to start an unnecessary war.– Tens of thousands of looters allowed to steal or destroy hundreds of millions of pounds worth of property while police timidly herd them. When you think about it, it sounds more like it’s a dire warning from the Dark Ages than the bible, but, to me, it seemed to refer to this verse in Matthew, “Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled”. Unbelievbable, But for those who have not let me just say that Norton is the hypocritical, sinister bible–bashing Warden of the Shawshank Penitentiary (video link). “So are you going to be complicit in this public scientific lynching of Dr Soon? Shell is one of the big green supporters, and why not? “I guess cooking climate data can be an expensive habit” This is about Dr. Soon’s misconduct. To discuss the merits of an item rather than the person who is quoted. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The whole web site appears to be written by children. http://www.microcapobserver.com/washington-governor-scot-walker-r-also-join-in-the-bandwagon-of-former-new-york-city-governor-rudy-giulianis-comments/236436/, There’s nothing wrong with accepting money from Big Oil. "His Judgment Cometh And That Right Soon" “Never look down on anybody unless you're helping them up.” “You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.” Favorites. GONE And all the daughters of music are brought low.” The Apollo programme was really researching ICBMs in order to deliver nuclear warheads. Smear campaign: "His judgment cometh and that right soon". comments, the online community of professional and amateur FY 2014 21,408 11K views. As for Greenpeace, they’re just applying Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals number 12: Destroy the Individual “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Eugenics is not “science based” in any sense except that of selective breeding for specific qualities. UCI researchers: Climate change will alter the position of the Earth’s tropical rain belt, Claim: Carbon Capture Vital to Meeting Climate Goals, Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #438, Magnetic ‘Highway’ Channels Material Out of Cigar Galaxy, Outdated carbon credits from old wind and solar farms are threatening climate change efforts. That pays for a lot of lobbying at the state and federal level. Cometh: And That Epub à A Supreme Court Justice is found cut into pieces in the back of a pick up truckThree other judges have already gone missingIn the eighth installment of Scott Pratt s bestselling Joe Dillard Series, Dillard is hired to represent the man driving the pick up As Dillard . They got NO money from anyone. After the lecture I turned to talk to some of the Professors that were present. To date despite all the insults thrown at Soon , no one seems to have been able to say what is wrong with the paper , which is odd for if its was poor has claimed that should be easy . These four groups accounted for more than $353 million in one year. Low grade lymphomas need to be treated with highly toxic chemotherapy. Soon knew that. Bonds are supposed to have value because they are ‘redeemable’ in the notes which, in turn, are supposed to have value because they are ‘backed’ by bonds. I would encourage you to send along your own thoughts to the director and your DC representative. You are absolutely right about mentioning events like Piltdown and the effects of finding or being handed just what you expect. Under the regime of irredeemable currency they are the instrument whereby special interest fleeces the rest of society. This reminds me of high school. with a global overview leaflet, by 11 October 1999, i.e., one week before http://dailycaller.com/2015/02/20/republicans-to-investigate-climate-data-tampering-by-nasa/ Such as the following: Here she is. They think it is evil because supposedly the outcome is paid for. Federal Climate Change Expenditures The authors also acknowledge the reviewers for their invaluable A thirty year lag time from starting smoking [WW II].) Thus equivalently, the appropriate scale factor times the time-integral of the CO2 level would produce the average global temperature (AGT) change attributable to the CO2 change. Nowhere is there greater incestuous financing of research to yield a pseudo “consensus” than in monetary dynamics. We have an unserious media. The “consensus” was that Obama was a uniter and not a divider. CO2 has been considered to be a forcing. But they didn’t admit it! Tweet Share Email Embed. Unknown to the public, at the end of the day the shill is obliged to hand over her gains to the casino owner, alias the United States Treasury. And those that look through the windows grow dim…. For this is man’s all. Expect an extreme campaign against such methods of increasing oil reserves. The current global warming is no different. I dont know a quick question about the shawshank … are reminiscent of shell companies hiding ill-gotten gains off-shore. by Antal E. Fekete !”…..yes the exact same people that own “big finance” also own “big oil”…..they wont lose a cent on their oil holdings and they will make vast fortunes on AGW so the big oil argument is just another red herring. They will also recall the ultimate ironic meaning of those works, fate which awaits him. As pointed out above required disclosures solely pertain to any funding for the specific research topic that is published. JAVASCRIPT IS DISABLED. It is not a quote found in the Bible. That means they think that they themselves are vulnerable on funding sources and motivation.They are–and we need to step on this much harder than we do. So, do you imply – as you apparently have been instructed to by your handlers – that it is the “uninformed” and “less intelligent” (republican, right-wing, conservative, capitalistic, oil-money-paid, religious fundamentalist, illiterate, anti-homosexual stereotypes) party that is intolerant and refuses to review the evidence? Open market operations are tantamount to check-kiting whereby two conspiring parties issue obligations that neither one has the intention or the means to honor but, when they come up for clearing, the phantom obligation of one party is covered with that of the other. Period. They also expect that intelligentsia they belong to should be touting for a brute need of reduction of population. 6 He that hateth to be reproved is in the way of sinners: but he that feareth the Lord will repent from his heart. People often ascribe motives to others when these are their own motives – it is because these people are so used to monkeying around with the data to get a desired result that they assume everyone else does the same. Gold Standard Manifesto: Dismal Monetary Science Truly “…one of the most respected independent news organizations on the east coast…”. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/377201/putins-anti-fracking-campaign-robert-zubrin David Barrosse is the founding and and managing partner of Capstone LLC. Just like the science. Can anyone find an official rebuttal printed in a reputable scientific journal disagreeing with Soon’s paper in question? It is worth remembering that state socialism was explicitly atheistic, “rational”, and “scientific”. And Al Gore did not reveal his family made its money and influence by supporting democrat racists in the 60’s and 70’s, by Big Tobacco and Big Oil (overseas) and by Big Pollution (in South America) did he? Eugenics is a perfectly science-based concept – we don’t like the idea for ethical rather than scientific reasons…. top (suggested) level 1. time; however, KC is grateful to the University of York for Games. 3. It appears to be entirely natural. The left proposals to double tax overseas earnings are suicidal for US business and will encourage even more to move overseas. Widely regarded as one of the best films of all time, (I highly doubt we will ever have the best film but there are many that are mentioned in the same breath) Shawshank Redemption was released 20 years ago in 1994. The perfect solution for Dr. Willie Soon – become an Aussie. climate scientists who have provided advice over the 18 months For permission, contact us. 1400 Eye St. NW, Ste. Dr. That seems like a pretty simple question. Where am I wrong? Yet, how many times have we had a “consensus” of opinion only later to find that consensus overturned? Any of that 60 billion in recent Big Government funding in your pocket you need to protect from Big Finance’s part of their 30 trillion in carbon future trading? Are you saying that no climate scientists who have received honoraria from renewable energy interests and/or NGOs publish in those journals? Sorry the table does not cut and paste well. I wish I could tell you that but high school is no fairy tale world. 499. [end of excerpt]. They collected total revenues of more than $81 billion from 2000 to 2012, according to Giving USA Institute, with only a small part of that coming from membership dues and individual contributions. AGW alarmism could make them a bundle–which is why oil company funding was a part of the climategate scandal. A kid sat behind me in French class. Any conflict there? Phil.dot I repeat my question to you. Dr. Quote by Club of Rome: “The Earth has cancer and the cancer is Man.” Unfortunately, for us in the UK, firearms are illegal, so when the forces of justice cometh; the likes of Bob Ward wont have the luxury of ending it all with a one shot blast of gory. Soon failed to disclose relevant remuneration in 8 of 11 papers. http://who.godaddy.com/whoischeck.aspx?domain=CAPSTONEDC.COM Three other judges have already gone missing. Authority Of making many books there is no end, and much study is wearisome to the flesh. JP, The match with Climate change is almost exact. In return I shall make a donation to the local RSPCA. 199 shares. Thanks for stopping by. This has to be the greatest example of agenda-driven journalistic malpractice in the history of the printed page, and the NYT has never disowned its role. • Research grants from funding agencies (please give the research funder and the grant number) 46 comments. Now…respond to the science. So far as I know, those were his employers when he wrote his book: ” The Maunder Minimum and the Variable Sun-Earth Connection.” Which I have read several times, and I can’t recall seeing the word “oil” in there anywhere. Actually, many of those are poor examples. Perhaps an inquiry of Mr. Barrosse about the editorial and grammatical practices of Micro Cap Observer would be warranted. Or are you saying that climate scientists who have received such awards always disclose them when they publish in those journals? Back in 2011 it was alleged that James Hansen accepted $1.4 million in “prizes” from activist groups and groups who benefit from climate legislation. By David . It is not a quote found in the Bible. 5. Add to the consensus of old: (since 1968. The onslaught from the new Republican dominated Congress and Senate is going to be painful for them. The source of that embroidered sampler was a fragment of Ecclesiastes 21:5 (KJV). No warming for the past 18 years. I’d be interested in seeing a copy of them. To have no secret place wherein I stoop unseen to shame or sin; […]" Thread Reader wretchardthecat . …and many more. Radical mastectomy is the only way to treat breast cancer. Meanwhile the ‘magical process ‘ that changes dirty ‘fossil fuel funding money , into pure has the driven snow money , so that money from the same organisation which is unacceptable for research which challenges ‘the cause , becomes fully acceptable for ‘research’ which supports ‘the cause and never mind if its awful , has yet to be named . To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. Yeah. It has trounced your antiquated world of morality and it is here to stay. Barking Mad — an AMC original series: Subscribe @wretchardthecat, 4 tweets, 1 min read Read on Twitter. Perhaps the same approach that changes ordinary water into holy water , a quick wave of the hand and few words ? Current Budget The first sentence is: Phil.dot It appears there has been for decades, a consensus of authority that we should not switch from Uranium to Thorium. • Research grants from funding agencies (please give the research funder and the grant number) When one rises up at the sound of a bird, The thymus has no function. The point is that the NYT has a history of conflict of interest, bias, advocacy, and currying favor with mass murderers. See more on this and discover the two factors that do cause climate change (95% correlation since before 1900) at http://agwunveiled.blogspot.com . That doesn’t even reach the level of good science fiction. Artpx. I think the ethical problem was supposed to be Soon’s failure to declare his funding. This work was produced without funding in the authors’ own The phrase "His judgment cometh and that right soon" as entered does not exist in the Bible. 8, 1455-1471 or search “agwunveiled”. If the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics does not know the origins of research funds which come their way, without asking Willie Soon, then they are the ones who should be more aware.

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