SmartStrings 4 Wheel Toe Alignment System by Smart Racing . A CIGAR string is made up of pairs, e.g. 3760) installed in the Smart Camber Frame (Part No. Correct the alignment condition by shimming and moving the machines laterally following the bold vertical [2] and horizontal [3] arrows. Info. A C G T C A T C A T A G T G T C A S1 S2 S1S1 A C G T C A T C A T A G T G T C A A G T T C A S2S2 LCSS Edit distance: •Number of changes needed for S1ÆS2 . The measuring device is attached to the pulleys by magnetism. Wait for 10 seconds while your Smart TV turns on. In the table below you can see 0 ForTwo Workshop Manuals,0 ForTwo Owners Manuals and 16 Miscellaneous Smart ForTwo downloads. Great kit for doing quick alignment changes at the track or even at home. He absoulutey loved it and has used it many times for race car preparations. You must register the Magic Remote Control on your Smart TV when you use it for the first time. STEP 2. The target marks are available in an optical and an electronic design, Figure 1. Attach the Mount Head Remove the Latitude Adjustment Screw from its Storage Position (the bottom threaded hole) by unscrewing it all the way out (Figure 7). Here, "op" is an operation specified as a single character, usually an upper-case letter (see table below). Smart Strings 4-Wheel Toe Alignment Kit ($450 new), Smart Camber Kit, Digital Gauge & Camber Frame ($225 new)and Smart-Level Hands Free (Caster) Attachment ($50 new) $500 shipped FIRM ($725 new) Just not getting to the track like I used to. SmartStrings 4 Wheel Toe Alignment System by Smart Racing. Assume the interface of a complex has been found – we do so using the package Space_filling_model_interface. If your string is parallel to the frame, … I’ve spent hours adjusting the alignment in my garage to get it just right, but it’s a satisfying feeling when you do finally get it dialled in and you did it yourself. Smart Strings. Currently the only two options for this type of product are BG Racing & Smart Strings. When racers hear the word alignment, they think of strings and levels. 3180) from scratching the paint on your vehicle. Equipment from QuickCar, Longacre and Smart Racing for measuring your car's Toe In or Out. Alignment can be carried out by one person working alone. The String is critical to the Smart Strings 4-Wheel Toe Alignment Kit (formerly Pegasus Part No. The projected laser beam produce a straight line (laser beam) more accurate than the conventional strings. Pretty much every race team out there uses strings to align their cars. Look very closely at the picture below. A four-wheel alignment is necessary for cars that have independent rear suspension, as well as all-wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles. Once the Tool is mounted to the antenna using the Universal Mounting Bracket, the Tool is simply turned on. Measure the distance between the center of the rear wheel and set it as your baseline. Verified Purchase. Assembly: You might end up with a lot of spare pieces depending on where the grab points are for you vehicle. They are typically slipped over the Legs and positioned wherever the Leg rests against the vehicle bodywork. Fast, Easy, and Accurate. Smart tools A new standard for affordable laser alignment . Basic Wheel Alignment Fundamentals Wheel alignment technology advances con-tinuously with the introduction of new makes and models of vehicles, engines, transmissions/ transaxles, steering and electronic suspensions. The string is squared by using a steel ruler to take measurements from fixed points on the chassis, such as the center of the wheel hubs or a machined flat on … An entry level system for shaft alignment. 1-15, SAG Front Panel 017-882-B0-001 Rev. The new ShaftAlign Touch is a rugged laser alignment system that provides digital, cloud, and other advancements over the decades-old but still widely used dial indicator and feeler gauge. Measure your right rear frame distance to the string. Prices See Hobart 043856 SGA 100 Spool Gun ControlB001TQP4HS 9000 LB Pound Vortex Recovery Winch Bonus Package! From there the user interface is the full feature App on … SmartFormat is a lightweight templating library, with an emphasis on grammar. Don’t need to sell and probably will kick myself next time. Smart Strings are a modified version of the SmartFormat library. NOTE: If you own a SMART product other than a front projection SMART Board™ interactive whiteboard, refer to the installation manual that came with your product for relevant warnings and maintenance instructions. 3180). Registering the Magic Remote Control. Some of our most popular Longacre or QuickCar wheel slignment tools assembled into money saving kits. For this demo, we are measuring the TOE of the rear passenger wheel as shown in the picture. Stringing a car the old fashioned way is simple, easy to do, and best of all, cheap! Safety Warnings and Precautions WARNING Do not stare into the beam of light created by the projector. Facebook 0 Twitter Pinterest 0. a match or gap. Smart String shipped+taxes is ~$530.00 & BG Racing shipped+taxes is ~$463.00. Unlike the traditional laser that emits a single point laser beam (like ART laser toe/tracking gauge), the laser string emits a vertical laser line to create a laser plane vertical and parallel to the tire surface. Looking for 500 for the kit. Now, using the difference between the track width align the string. SmartFormat.NET. Measure your right front frame to the string (ensure you have equal distance between the string and frame) Keep it close, but not too close. To register your Magic Remote Control using the Wheel (OK) button, perform the following steps:. Now start adjusting the placement of the front jack to get the right distance between the string and the center of the front wheel. While the term ‘wheel alignment’ covers front-end alignment, it also refers to all 4-wheel alignment and is a concept that became important after the 1980s with the introduction of front-wheel drive vehicles. It makes it easy for a data-driven template to have proper pluralization, gender conjugation, lists, and conditional language logic. I have a smart strings alignment kit for sale. Item 11 in the SmartStrings instruction manual. Compare this product Compare this product. $2589 with high power green lasers (green lasers are only needed in sunny environments) Quantity: Add To Cart . Custom Chassis and Fabrication lends us a hand in wheel alignment … Please complete the fields below to send your friend a link to this product. With E420 you can carry out the following: Align the machine; Check soft foot; Document and share the results; Get a quote . Products [8] Sort by: Quick View. 5-6″ is a good base. Next, turn the beam 'ON' to get the initial reading. The string is the parallel reference line on either side of the car. New list: Close Add to List. ALL STRG No harness connected or all strings are miswired Table 1-4, Smart AlphaGuard LED Alarm States SMART ALPHAGUARD ACTIVE STRG A STRG B ALARMS STRG C STRG D Fig. Our most popular manual is the Smart - Auto - smart-fortwo-2017-manual-do-proprietario-105725 . The integer specifies a number of consecutive operations. Alignment is significantly more rapid and more precise than with conventional methods. NOTE the uniqueness of this product is its' portability. These Pads help to prevent the framework of the Smart Strings 4-Wheel Toe Alignment Kit (formerly Pegasus Part No. Position and align with the aluminum mounting bar. Alignment tools by QuickCar, Longacre and Smart Camber to fit all needs and budgets . Two wheel alignment is quickly becoming obsolete and four wheel alignment is rapidly being incorpo-rated on many of the new models. An operation is usually a type of column that appears in the alignment, e.g. Add to Wish List × Add to My Lists. The Smart Aligner Tool provides a True North or Grid North Azimuth measurement, Tilt, Roll and Position. The string gets the most abuse when setting up and tearing down the Smart Strings kit. Sold individually. It can be rather laborious the first time you do a DIY alignment, with lots of setting up and re-setting up of the string box as you sneak up on the exact settings you’re trying to dial in. Add to Gift Registry Email this page to a friend × RECOMMEND A FRIEND. But front-end alignment, which usually requires fancy machines and/or real money to have it done in the shop, seemed do-able without all that— at least according to my own research on the topic. designed SmartStrings about 21 years ago, to perform precise alignments in my garage at home. You can throw your string wheel alignment system AWAY and you will be happy you did!! Primary uses for the “Laser String” include; rear axle alignment, toe/tracking alignment, and track offset.

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