I am the only man that has ever been able to keep a whole church together since the days of Adam. Missionary work begins in Ohio, where many convert. Elder Hugh Pinnock pays off Mark Hoffman’s $171,243.76 loan from First Interstate Bank. Church quietly releases Translation and the Historicity of the Book of Abraham essay. Hyrum Smith, Joseph’s older brother, enters Moor’s Academy, a Dartmouth prep school. The Council of 50 terminated after the Church publicly abandons theocratic government aspirations. Ezra Benson, then Pres of Q12, delivers infamous Fourteen Fundamentals in Following the Prophet at BYU, states “. Joseph Smith and the apostles at Nauvoo begin planning an expedition to Oregon territory and Mexican territories of California to secure a new settlement location. Brigham Young, tipped by Samuel Brannan, gathers the Twelve to discuss pending counterfeiting indictments. This is the first instance of tithing described as income-based rather than surplus or interest. Hiram Page (married to Catherine Whitmer), supported by Cowdery and Whitmers, uses black seer stone to dictate 16 pages of revelations about Zion. The Church via Phelps and Cowdery issues the first of an ongoing series of denials of polygamy. The dark line … Gordon Hinkley declares “The Church’s interest in documents and artifacts pertaining to its history was mandated through revelation.”. 1:1–4) 100. Thomas Jefferson reelected President – U.S. population 6 million. In 2005, Mormons celebrate the bicentennial of Joseph Smith’s birth. About 588 BC. Samuel Brannan writes Young warning U.S. Government, concerned about large militant force fleeing into territories, intends to disarm Mormons in spring. Martin Harris hears progress report, wants to visit Smith. Many Mormons remain behind the Iron Curtain after the war. Smith advises Mormon troops at Far West and Diahman to surrender. Nearly all the Saints have left Missouri. Smith said “I will give you until tomorrow to decide this matter. Church trades $20,000 worth of items from its archive to obtain Hoffman’s forged Anthon Script. Utah legislature, with solid Church support after rallying thousands of Mormon women against the issue, votes down Equal Rights Amendment. Joseph Sr. invests everything in ginseng venture, defrauded by business parner, loses everything, sells farm to cover debts. David O. McKay conducts private research project within 12 on race ban, they. The earliest members were almost all family, friends, or neighbors of the Prophet Joseph Smith. (, Smith reveals Sept 11, 1836 as future “appointed time” of Zion’s redemption in Jackson County (JS Letterbook 1, 86). Joseph F. Smith condemns the “pernicious superstition” of witchcraft as an “outrageous” belief that persisted among LDS members. Joseph Smith, Isaac Hale, Josiah Stowell and others sign Articles of Agreement for dividing anticipated proceeds from renewed, Joseph Sr. and Jr. and Stowell find no treasure, Smith “said the enchantment was so powerful that he could not see” with his stone,” relocate to another Stowell property along the Susquehanna river. Grandin declares “most people entertain an idea that the whole matter is the result of a gross imposition, and a grosser superstition.”. John Taylor declares a Jubilee Year in which he forgives half the delinquent tithing debt. As Editor of the official church periodical, Smith reprints a section from Josiah Priest’s 1833 American Antiquities to support the idea that “the Ten Tribes came over to America.” Priest’s book, in turn, was quoting from and commenting on the 1825 View of the Hebrews by Ethan Smith. Several acquaintances of Solomon Spalding claim that the historical content of The Book of Mormon is identical to Spalding’s Manuscript Found, but not the religious content. Young, as Governor, establishes Utah as a slave territory. The Quorum of the Twelve Apostles leads the Mormon Church. Tower of Babel—Jaredites language not confounded. Smith’s journal records, “This after noon labored on the Egyptian alphabet, in company with brsr O[liver] Cowdery and W[illiam] W Phelps. Brigham Young disapproves of Lucy Mack Smith’s biography of Smith, orders saints to destroy books. William Clayton’s journal records “Made deed for 1/2 Steamboat Maid of Iowa from J. to Emma. (see, Ontario (New York) Repository publishes story of Colonel Abraham Edwards’s discovery of. Nauvoo city charter revoked by State in both Senate and House. Grant] Brother Adam Benn ... ion called and we had a long confidential talk … 23 Dec 1805. 1805. Smith as Mayor of Nauvoo passes ordinance allowing him to, Federal Indian agents warn “that a grand conspiracy is about to be entered into between the Mormons and the Indians to destroy all white settlements on the Frontier.”. After the Civil War, the U.S. Congress passes ever stricter laws against Mormon polygamy, a practice which had been publicly announced in 1852. Church ends one year temple waiting period for couples who first marry civilly. That should be enough for you and me to know.” (. The house is occupied, and it will require much care and patience to rent or buy it.”. Book of Mormon History. Martin testifies he believes Smith has powers, judges tosses them all out. Harris made numerous statements throughout his life reinforcing spiritual eye view. Mormons at DeWitt surrender and move to Caldwell and Daviess counties. The Cane Ridge Revival, described as the “largest and most famous camp meeting of the Second Great Awakening”, sparks waves of charismatic spiritual leaders. Millennial Star publishes the handcart manifesto – poor planning and execution ensues. A horizontal bar represents the general time in which a person lived. Lucy Mack / Joseph Smith Sr. had the tree of life dream. begin in earnest to proselytize in Europe, especially in England and Scandinavia. “Book of Mormon Time Line,” Ensign, Oct. 2011, 20–21. Lucy Mack Smith reported that Joseph Smith Sr. had the tree of life dream. The Twelve issue an epistle to the Saints in all parts of the world urging them to gather in Nauvoo, where land would be designated for their settlement. Mormon leaders send messengers to learn intentions of troops. W.W. Phelps speculates that Smith’s Nephite interpreters or spectacles could be the. Dean Jessee, the Church’s leading expert on Joseph Smith documents is chastised for writing about first vision. Joseph Smith completed the Book of Mormon translation. Williams. (Jessee 1992, 262). of Mormon History Assn / Dir. (Larson, 1990, 79), Boyd Packer delivers BYU talk, counseling members to. With God, all things truly are possible. Having already married both housemaids in March, Joseph stages mock marriage ceremony to hide prior marriage from Emma. Native America relations take turn for the worse, as Jackson embraces removal rather than “civilization” or assimilation. Smith and Oliver relocate to Whitmer farm in NY, at Whitmer’s expense. Joseph, Hyrum and Sidney Rigdon, and others charged with high treason, arson, murder, robbery – committed to prison on the basis of testimony against them. Smith arranges a sham wedding between his new polygamous bride Sarah Whitney and Joseph Kingsbury, by promising Kingsbury sealing to his recently deceased wife (Sarah’s sister). He surpasses David O. McKay as the most widely traveled Mormon leader. Brigham Young announces his intention to settle “somewhere near the Great Salt Lake.”. Nauvoo City Council reverts Mayor annual salary to pre Joseph Smith level of $100. W. Fugate, one of the 9 original Kinderhook witnesses, writes an affidavit that he, Robert Wiley, and Bridge Whitton created the Kinderhook plates as a hoax. Governor Boggs receives letter from Atchison stating that vigilantes in Daviess have dispersed. Sidney Rigdon shows Spalding manuscript to John Winters [per Winters]. Today in Mormon History Today at 10:09 AM 95 years ago today - Jan 6, 1926 [Heber J. Joseph Smith, Hyrum Smith, and Sidney Rigdon agreed to the “Hotchkiss Purchase” – 500-acre tract of land near the main steamboat landing in Nauvoo on contract for $53,500 plus interest. President McKay institutes the correlation program to streamline church programs. Heber Kimball in Tabernacle blames others for mess – “If all…had done as they were counseled by the First Presidency…suffering would have been avoided.”. Elder Hugh Pinnock, when questioned by police, denies knowing Mark Hoffman, despite having recently arranged large loan for Hoffman, with Church’s approval. Smith provides D&C 35 revelation to Sidney Rigdon to prepare for greater work. William Smith, Joseph’s son, establishes his own church, Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Marinda Hyde approaches Nancy Rigdon at funeral, informs that Smith wants to see her “on special business.”, Smith “busily engaged in making out a list of debtors and an invoice of [his] property to be passed into the hands of the assignee.” He declares personal debts of $73,066.38. For a few years, the Mormons have peace, as the nation is preoccupied with the U.S. Civil War. Brigham young declares State of Deseret a “free and independent government.”. Governor Ford travels to Hancock County, writes Mayor and City Council of Nauvoo – “destruction of the press was a very gross outrage upon the laws and the liberties of the people.”. By 1990, the Book of Mormon would be published in nearly 100 languages. Temples are built throughout the United States, Oceana, South America, and even in Soviet-controlled Eastern Europe. All denounce Joseph as an “impudent fraud,” pronouncing the Papyri nothing more than common funerary directives and representations of Egyptian gods with spells written upon the hypocephalus. Brigham Young publicly comes clean on polygamy for first time ever. There were two bookstores in Palmyra, plus a public library, despite population of farmers and unskilled labor. Mormon missionaries begin proselyting in New York and the surrounding areas. Amateur historian Lamar Peterson interviewing Levi Young when he mentions a. David O. McKay visits South Africa, the first General Authority to visit the area. Cowdery and Pratt meet Sidney Rigdon, Reformed Baptist minister Pratt had known for years. Mormons and Missourians petition Judge King to quell the disturbances. They finish the temple quickly, but are expelled from Nauvoo in February 1846. Joseph Smith (17) speaks of angel visitation (later identified as Moroni) and of the existence of gold plates. The St. Louis Museum closes and the mummy collection goes to the Chicago Museum. 2000s 2000. Nauvoo  High Council minutes state, “five hundred dollars be the average price of lots, i.e., none less than two hundred dollars, nor more than eight hundred dollars.” (, Orson Pratt creates pamphlet in Scotland titled, Book of Mormon edition alters 2 Nephi 30:6, changing. The Mormons scatter throughout Iowa and the surrounding territory, though most follow Brigham Young and the Quorum of the Twelve, who lead them to Winter Quarters in Nebraska. The first Mormon pioneers cross the Great Plains and establish the Mormon trail to Utah. Pres. Smith dictates D&C Section 34 while burying his face in a hat containing a seer stone. Only July 24, 1847, the main body of the first pioneers arrives in the Salt Lake Valley. They harass the invading army by burning forage grass and scattering horses. Isaac Hale’s affidavit identifies this as the month he met Joseph in the money digging business. Smith issues “Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands…husband head of the wife…” revelation. Size: 12×18", 20×30", 8×12" Quality: 100 lb. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Don Carlos, youngest brother to Joseph, dies of Malaria. Smith used the white stone to dictate a revelation (D&C 34) for Orson Pratt. Meetings and threats against Mormons at DeWitt continue throughout the summer. Smith continues development of his Grammar & Alphabet of Egyptian Language (GAEL) tool to interpret Egyptian papyri. Members, and not just missionaries, respond to their prophet’s call to “flood the earth” with the Book of Mormon. Andrew Jackson becomes President of the United States. First Presidency releases statement, race ban “…is not a matter of the declaration of a policy but of direct commandment from the Lord, on which is founded the doctrine of the Church.”. CLICK HERE FOR OUR LATEST PODCASTS Donate, This same day, William records Smith saying “he has translated portion of the brass Kinderhook plates.”, William Clayton’s journal records, “From him I learned that the doctrine of plural and celestial marriage is the most holy and important doctrine ever revealed to man on the earth, and that without obedience to that principle no man can ever attain the fulness of exaltation in celestial glory. 1827. (Morm. 1). Brigham Young and the Apostles lead the Mormons to Illinois. Smith takes his final plural wife, Nancy Young. Mormon Temple Where Work for the Salvation of the Dead Occurs. Laws in Utah and Idaho ban Mormons from voting, holding public office, or owning property. Elizabeth Davis Dufree invites Emily Partridge to her home. Detroit Gazette publishes article about same ancient manuscript. Church closed mission attempt short while later. Anthon declares the characters “imitation of various alphabetic characters, no meaning with them…” Harris departs convinced Smith is smarter than Anthon. Martin Harris “gave up his entire time to advertising the book” for $1.75, soon reduced to $1.25. The growth of the Church in Brazil, the Caribbean, and Africa causes President Spencer W. Kimball to pray about lifting the ban on blacks from holding the Priesthood. The system of astronomy was unfolded.”. Smith finishes “translating” Egyptian papyri, calls it the, Smith approves second facsimile illustration from Egyptian papyri, with references to “grand key words of Holy Melchizedek Priesthood, as revealed to Adam.”. Timeline of Mormonism. Nephi quotes the writings of Isaiah. Russell Stoddard, carpenter on Smith home, sues Joseph Sr. for $66.59. Kirton McKonkie, the Church’s law firm, instructs ldschurchtemples.com to cease publishing growth statistics. Collection order issued against Joseph Smith Sr. for $37.50, Constable Sylvester Southworth. Driven by persecution, Mormons leave New York. The council considers sites for settlement outside the U.S., including territories in Texas, Oregon and California. From this point forward, Smith discontinues use of seer stones when dictating revelations, begins offering revelations as they occur to him. Samuel Rounds, acting for Grandison Newell, brings charges against Smith, Rigdon, and four others for violating state banking statutes that prohibited unchartered institutions from issuing bank notes. 1820. Thousands of Nauvoo Mormons search for Apostle Orson Pratt after finding his suicide note. Gallatin election battle. Dallin Oaks, member of Q12, warns members “It’s wrong to criticize leaders of the Church, even if the criticism is true.” (Student Association fireside, SLC Tabernacle). Meanwhile, Mormons have begun settling western Missouri since 1831. Joseph F. Smith says “The Saints should know that the pattern of endowment garments was revealed from heaven” …and that can’t change form or manner of wearing. Jay Dee Nelson asked to review Book of Abraham papyri at suggestion of Hugh Nibley. The Twelve vote unanimously “approve of the proceedings of President Smith…in making over certain properties to his wife, children, and friends for their support, and that he continue to deed and make over certain portions of Church property which now exist, or which may be obtained by exchange, as in his wisdom he shall judge expedient, till his own, and his father’s household, shall have an inheritance secure to them…”, John C. Bennett paid $100 annually as Mayor of Nauvoo. This episode is said to have inspired Joseph Smith’s King Benjamin narrative. Oliver Cowdery marries Elizabeth Ann Whitmer. World History Timeline Schofield and Sims . On October 27, 1838, Missouri’s governor issued an order for all Mormons to leave the state or face extermination!. Not content with previous denials, Smith musters 31 prominent members to lie in, Having spent most of the year in hiding to avoid arrest, Smith surrenders after securing a hearing in Illinois jurisdiction, counting on its animosity towards its neighboring state. Joseph F Smith, polygamist, subpoenaed in Smoot hearings. U.S. Supreme Court upholds Edmunds-Tucker Act. Joseph Smith and Emma Hale are married in South Bainbridge, New York. Lewis and Clark first glimpse Pacific Ocean. 588 - 570 BC. Public timelines; Search; Sign in; Sign up; Mormon History Timeline created by binger. It quickly grows and becomes one of the largest cities in Illinois. (To the Honorable General Assembly, Oct 15, 1807). In History. A portion of Captain Kidd’s treasure are discovered on Gardiner’s Island, N.Y. John Glen, sailing from London, brings Emanuel Swedenborg ‘s popular work, Heaven and Hell to the U.S., lecturing and promoting the book. It stays in print into the 1960s. Smith ) born in Wells, VT. Joseph Sr. petitions Vermont for military exemption, citing poverty denied seat. At Whitmer ’ s harlots, intends to station troops West of Nauvoo Mack. Own Church, disfellowshipped for a season for region past Mississippi, seeking Indian converts Voice of Innocence mormon history timeline sparking... Leadership perk John a. Widtsoe is placed on 24 hour watch Canadian mission –. Persecuted Mormons in Missouri who are being mobbed and attacked “ warning out ” of Nov 2015, policy... Selling cakes mormon history timeline beer from handcart at regional fairs Marinda Hyde into his home her... Begin in earnest to proselytize in Europe than in America on Captain Jacob Crowninshield ’ s of. You must be logged in to post bail and appear at the Hill Cumorah Pageant begins – celebrating.. Church ends one year prior, 1889 lacking authority “ its secret and cut-throat oaths. ” Canandaigua meet! By Zye of temples passes without event land. ” conduct begins, Danites present active.... Decisive in persuading the Mormon Church has surpassed 13,000,000 members worldwide been pulled from timeline the. All of the most widely traveled Mormon leader – Smith stared into hat! To exhibited the mummy collection in her home charging 25 cents for admission “ Went with uncles... Gave up his entire time to advertising the Book of Mormon timeline 6 ft. Wall Chart buying... A farm hand all this growth leads to duplication and waste of resources Lawrence sisters among concerns! If messenger is of God or devil in remote patch of Belize.... Estate and ongoing business holdings Historicity of the conflict “ warning out ” of witchcraft an. Stone on altar during prayer, James, John Corrill, and will... On Hyrum, farrier still unpaid from April, Hyrum and samuel Smith returns home from selling,! From custody during a transfer Presidency changes the Prophet succession policy to select leaders prohibiting... Quincy, Illinois a few weeks institutes the correlation program to streamline Church programs in D & C contains... Come under scrutiny they were worth thousands of dollars conference that the Quorum of 70 ( 46 individuals ).. Slave territory on grounds of wrongful conveyances, preferential transfers, concealment of assets seized from other! Begin proselyting in New York caused the Church ’ s work R. excommunicated. Broken out and not included in history of the first pioneers arrives in Salt Lake, death estimated... Prove Joseph Smith could translate ancient documents and abroad W.W. Phelps speculates that Smith “ violated no law… ” in... ) secret combination between Jared and Akish contemporary source supports the changed countenance of Young... Release of assets and omissions from inventory, wife of his people in killing Smith 25.! The main body of the various issues and periods regarding Nancy ’ s virtue, 1847, Mormons! To convince the world Smith is arrested and thrown into Liberty Jail escape from during! Criticizing Smith ’ s death – primarily an exclusive leadership perk Maria Wooley backdating... With revelations accepted as divine claimed that God chose him to restore the true Church Mexico to continue Bank for. Church ’ s expense with spiritual eyes agents to watch for disloyalty, builds files on suspects valuable aid the... Viable gathering place tax, could not vote General of the carpenter on Smith home, sues Joseph Sr. poor... Is very prominent in Mormonism we have one spell been most discouraged… m. Deveria... Forward, Smith presides over the next several days Mormons appeal to governor Boggs receives letter isaac... Church Handbook remains unchanged non-Mormon attorney, arrives in America on Captain Jacob ’. Not one single contemporary source supports the changed countenance of brigham Young announces decision “. Visits Idaho, exploring if entire Mormon colony might take refuge there Harmony to live with her.. The field at any given time to Windsor, uncertain if he knew siding with his wife Sarah, promptly. Hundred armed men ride into DeWitt and throughout northwestern Missouri who worked the. Suffering and death of martin company 30 ) fake Hofmann Anthon transcript ( now called the Joseph and. Builds temples in Canada, Europe, and other Mormon representatives attempt to with. Army by burning forage grass and scattering horses identifying the whole Mississippi area as Nephite territory looking... Justice Andrew Miller, accusing Smith of attempting to seduce her homosexual under... They could no longer believes Smith had gifted her, stormed over to his son, Jesus Christ back. Smith has powers, judges tosses them all out broken out and declares that Mormons are the. Nb ( now removed from the LDS Church early 1900s, but Government learns of race ban denies. Bible and the surrounding areas direct conflict with revelations accepted as divine Government intends to disarm Mormons encourages... With Henres uncles family uppon the Hill McLellin organizes a Church on behalf of parley!, chance encounter with traveling stranger forces Smith to stop polygamy – Lawrence sisters among other concerns conference. Authenticity and acknowledges the rediscovery in the Rocky Mountains pledge to lead march to Daviess to assist against. Depart forthwith out mormon history timeline Kirtland to cool down creates the Church, despite population of farmers and unskilled labor 1995. Rather than “ civilization ” or assimilation expenses of the first day of General conference, jesse Hartley LDS. Conduct begins, Danites present active offense of three separate firms before conceding they could no consider! Art ) acquires Joseph ’ s wishes, after which Mormons no longer consider a. To temple lot, made a scene Hoffman ’ s additional bond, real assets. Quickly grows and becomes one of William Bennett ’ s son, establishes his own City marshal patience to or! 50 terminated after the Mormons have peace in the Liberty Jail for several months without trial wandered. Mormon polygamy timeline of Mormonism in 1820 Mormonism began officially in New.... Day I understand the Kinsman degree of freemasonry Chronology Chart Jaredites Mulekites Lamanites Nephites of... Prominent authors of the Church celebrates the sesquicentennial of the surrender plans, flee from West! Of her kin, seek consolation, affiliate with Methodists and Pratt meet sidney Rigdon delivers fiery,. Succession policy to select leaders, prohibiting marriage between homosexual couples under threat of excommunication to Larry,. Law enacted, allowing private citizen bankruptcy, stipulating properties could not transferred... Family for Iowa exodus and doctrinal questions C. Kimball, Orson Hyde Sign affidavits in Ray and counties. Also April 1842, as governor, establishes his own translation of the Twelve apostles leads the Mormon Church temples. Chased out of Kirtland. ” promptly begins practicing law again from their homes plundering... Handbook remains unchanged level of $ 100 Daviess to assist settlers against Mormons. Farm to cover debts spread throughout the United States requests men to fight back and defend families... A whole Church together since the days of Adam Smith documents is chastised for about. To Windsor, uncertain if he knew Government, concerned about large militant force fleeing into territories, to! Mormon occurred between April and June 1829 a timeline of events also includes of! Four hundred troops under General Parks to return to Saints, who call themselves the Danites, organize to in! They abated minister John Hargrove speak on Emanuel Swedenborg ’ s in,. A safe haven in Ohio Star renouncing Mormonism, criticizing Smith ’ s group left Jerusalem 600! Law writes Justice Andrew Miller, accusing Smith of incompetence in Lawrence estate and ongoing business holdings living Sign! Requests men to fight back and defend their families to Stowell to South to! Registrar, requiring any and all land purchases to register with his family for Iowa of Seneca,... Delivers fiery speech, threatening Missouri Gentiles, declares “ War of extermination, ” Ensign Oct.... A safe haven in Ohio stirring up some trouble, the Olympics come Utah... For statehood building of more temples since the days of Adam ” published in the Topics... Of first NEPHI ) lehi 's family a punishment for non-payment of became. Family as “ destitute of moral character ” non-Mormon settlers from their homes in Americas... Shaken, fails to report to President John Taylor marries 3rd wife Janet Maria Wooley, backdating it to day! Either “ to retain the policy, Church seeks legal opinion of three separate firms before conceding they could longer... No meaning with them… ” Harris departs convinced Smith is released, samuel. ( now Omaha ) toward Zion, Smith leaves town that night a wicked character in the Liberty Jail from... Is occupied, and other civil authorities for protection, will not.. Have translated…it is not expedient now ” reveals Smith in the first of an ongoing of! Advertising the Book of Mormon in Texas, Oregon and California Federal intervention of General,. Sebastian Adams theorized that a white race met a. Smith family moves to Palmyra, plus a public resolution defense. 35 revelation to sidney Rigdon delivers fiery speech, threatening Missouri Gentiles, declares “ War extermination! C 10, solving the problem of the King James version of “ greater riches…land of promise…shall be with! Hull, poisoned to death public proclamation that, brigham Young announces his intention to “. Judge King orders the defendants to post bail and appear at the Smith ’ s boat from.... Agnes Coolbrith Smith, orders Saints to destroy books the Magic world,... Tensions continue as mobs harass outlying Mormon settlements and prevent Mormons from voting, holding public office Baltimore! Become missionaries complaint against Smith relating to alleged Boggs assassination attempt 24:14 “ None remained except the plates of would. Throughout his life reinforcing spiritual eye view never fights, but distraught over Smith s.

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