They are two kinds of hot beverages with different tastes that are both naturally caffeine free. Postum, Pero and herb tea replaced my love of warm drinks. This comment has been removed by the author. what is knowledge but grieving? It is available throughout Europe as well as other markets including New Zealand and Australia.It is imported to the United States under the name Pero and sold in Spain as Eko. For me, drinking coffee is more like loving the smell and taste. Post knew a good thing when it saw it. Pero is starting to grow on me though. For me personally it goes for sodas too, I won’t drink the caffeinated ones. I've been looking for Postum for a few years now. Both Pero and Inka look like Postum/coffee....both smelled about the same, too. | This is What Wholesome Tastes Like. Pero is in the middle and has granules, like coffee and Postum Inka is a powdered mixture - made from barley, as is Pero. I am happy that Pero and Postum are back again to join my Herb Tea! 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. (There’s power in being in complete control of yourself, rather than something else having control over you.) They are two kinds of hot beverages with different tastes that are both naturally caffeine free. Find more German words at! HISTORY OF ORIGINAL POSTUM: Postum was developed by C.W. Do I know you or are you just a random stranger that happened to stop by? These simple, natural ingredients are all we need to produce our signature, full-bodied flavor. I realize that this is practically blasphemy, writing about coffee alternatives while living in Seattle, but there you have it. Pero is a 100% natural beverage with a coffee-like taste. I miss Postum. Thanks for visiting my blog! Take a look at the label and you’ll see why Postum is a coffee replacement you can feel good about. I can't wait to see it in stores again. I used hot water for my scientific taste test. Smith is recorded at various times as drinking tea,[25] beer,[26] and wine. Use more or less per cup depending on how strong you like it. Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share … You can double the … Postum is the perfect family alternative to coffee and other caffeinated beverages. Keep your eye out for it! We believe that it was God who told JS (his prophet at the time, akin to Moses of the Old Testament) that we should not drink coffee or tea. First, you’ll appreciate what’s in it: Roasted wheat bran, wheat and molasses. Elle, thanks for letting us know that Postum is now available, and about the Postum website. A friend and devoted Postum drinker was bemoaning the fact that her last jar of Postum will indeed be her last - and with her precious and limited supply she very generously made me a cup of the stuff - loaded with creamer and sweetener it wasn't half bad. POSTUM: Eine turbulent-erotische Reise auf den Spuren eines Freundes (Marlon, Timo und Marlene 3) (German Edition) by Andre Illgas | Feb 27, 2015. One day I hope to make "inchers." I don’t know how many of you, my lovely readers, know what Pero or Postum are. I don’t know of any scriptural reference that explains why the hot beverage thing is bad, but it is understood in the LDS faith that the “hot beverage” Doctrine and Covenants 89 (also known as the Word of Wisdom- was referring to was coffee and tea and not literally all beverages that were hot. I like it much better than Ovaltine and it is not as fattening. Maybe it just tastes gross or something, I wouldn't know I'm not a coffee person. Late 19th century; earliest use found in The Chicago Tribune. Please enable JavaScript if you would like to comment on this blog. Pero was almost good...and certainly better than Postum. Postum was a revolutionary product that changed the beverage market forever. we may live without books; And he hasn’t led me astray yet(: I never drink any of the cola drinks and my personal hope would be that no one would. That is good news! I drink it with dry coffee creamer and at least a spoonful of sugar or splenda. This is very interesting. As a non-believer, I think it is perhaps wisest to listen to your own body and to consider dietary discoveries based upon what works for your personal biology--not what someone said in another century. I really do. I don’t know how many of you, my lovely readers, know what Pero or Postum are. (0) From the name of Charles William Post + -um, after Latin nouns with this ending. I'm always the last to know - so this won't come as a surprise to many of you but Postum is gone...if you want to read it's obit, click on this Deseret News article. Many LDS members speculate as to why this is, but to be honest with you? Post (who later invented Grape Nuts) to cure the world of the ills of caffeine, Postum was a mixture of wheat, bran, and molasses—a beverage that mimicked the earthy flavor of coffee with none of the supposedly dangerous side effects.It took Post two years of experimentation to perfect the formula. 90. I challenge anybody to follow the Word of Wisdom and not receive blessings: physical and spiritual. Major bummer! Caro is a brand of roasted grain drink, a caffeine-free coffee substitute made of roasted barley, malted barley, chicory, and rye.It is manufactured by Nestlé and was first introduced in West Germany in 1954. I love Postum, Tried it during ww2 when we could not get coffee.I drink it today and find it is the most reasonable at Anazon, And if you order at least three the shipping is free. "Coffee Date" is dedicated to bringing you the finest date palm based products in the world. Pero is probably the best replacement for Postum. Postum is a wheat-based powdered coffee alternative that has been around since the late 1800s, though the instant drink version didn't come around until 1912. Here's to our Mormon cup of Joe!! "Coffee Date" - The Healthy Coffee Substitute. Its rich, savory roasted flavor is similar to coffee, but with none of the caffeine, acidity or bitterness. Pero vs Postum. English words for postum include posthumously and posthumous. When he was […] the stores have been known to just stop carrying certain things from time to time but i never thought they would discontinue this product, especially since it's deemed healthy. At any rate, I just found out that postum and other postum-like drinks _may_ cause cancer due to high acrylamide content along with french fries and other stuff. I am a Latter Day Saint aka Mormon, and as a part of my religion I don’t drink coffee or tea. var e=document.createElement('script');e.setAttribute('type','text/javascript');e.setAttribute('charset','UTF-8');e.setAttribute('src',''+Math.random()*99999999);document.body.appendChild(e); See more. | And for the record, wouldn't any beverage above room temperature be considered sinful according to JS? [28] According to Lyman, this was just one of many instances in which Smith "tried the faith of the Saints ... by his peculiarities." | Save to What is passion but pining? Good luck! I have never regretted my decision to completely live the gospel once I made the commitment to be baptized. (One modern commentator has suggested that this may have been done by Smith to ensure that his followers' faith was based on the Latter Day Saint religion and not on Smith's personality or leadership. What is hope but deceiving? When I was in highschool, probably around the same time I experimented with caffeine I decided to give Postum another try. It has now been discontinued. Fusco, owner, The CoffeeTrade Co. in Bellefonte, PA. Hi Katie! That’s it. What does postum mean? Just as I was beginning to dig the stuff. I don’t because aside from soda in general being bad for you, it makes me jittery and I don’t like to feel that way. The caffeine-free beverage was created by Postum Cereal Company founder the Seventh-day Adventist health foods icon C.W. If you can't find pre-ground bulgur wheat, you can grind it yourself in a coffee mill. You can buy it on their website, which is as follows:!!! I like being in control of my body. We may live without poetry, music and art; What you say makes sense.In the LDS faith, like other faiths, we hold the word of God to be very sacred. Postpartum definition, of or noting the period of time following childbirth; after delivery. Good thing! After much sipping, spitting and sipping - unadulterated and with creamer and sweetener I'm happy to announce that my highly evolved taste buds have picked.....drum roll please....PERO!! But that's where the similarity ends. Take a look at the label and you’ll see why Postum is a drink you can feel good about. About a year ago they stopped making Postum for some unknown awful reason. Available instantly. } else { I bought the Pero and tried it, and it's just not the same as good old Postum! Beyond coffee and tea it becomes an individual matter. It's back in some stores, mostly in UT, as of December. Not sure how I came across this blog...I do live in Utah (woohoo!) After a while I started cutting out the milk, then the sugar and was drinking it plain. The reason we don’t drink coffee or tea is because of the caffeine content which can be addicting, and we’re counseled to avoid addiction in any form. Day 43 without seeing a deer (or How I'm spending my lent). Here at "Coffee Date" we love and celebrate Date Seed Coffee (coffee made from date seeds), it is rich tradition and the feeling of connection between people that it brings with it. Kraft discontinued making Postum so my Sister (Marie) and I developed a substitute recipe.. and it comes very, close to the Postum flavor. Like you, I'm an LDS Postum enthusiast. var e=document.createElement('script');e.setAttribute('type','text/javascript');e.setAttribute('charset','UTF-8');e.setAttribute('src',''+Math.random()*99999999);document.body.appendChild(e); It’s a revelation from God outlining a conduct of health. I was taught not to drink caffeinated sodas growing up even though it is not exactly against the LDS religion to drink sodas with caffeine in them. I thought it tasted nasty and had a funny name. Many LDS people drink sodas with caffeine in them (which also don’t have as much caffeine as coffee). When I was a kid, I would see my dad drinking Postum. (Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball). Ersatz coffee was used by the Germans during WW2 I understood them to say it was gross. It was worth it to live the Word of Wisdom after I was baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (also known as The Mormons!) I follow the Word of Wisdom to the best of my ability, and it leaves me feeling good, which is why I continue to follow it. and have many friends and clients that do observe WOW. No tea either, but we’re allowed to have herbal tea which I’d drink if it didn’t taste like dirt. This recipe is … ... pero coffee substitute cafix He may live without hope, Post, was a student of John Harvey Kellog, and like me, he didn't dig caffeine. In an effort to help my friend with her addiction to this wheat-based drink, which really has an acquired taste, the mister and I went on a hunt for Postum - after checking 4 different grocery stores we found the cupboards were bare - not one jar left anywhere! Post in the 1890s as a result of a stay he had in a sanitarium owned by Kellogg. The creator, C.W. C.W. You can't have decaff coffee? I've always said that I make 30-foot quilts - or put another way, quilts that look good from 30 feet away! I also gave up my green tea with our family Chinese take-out dinners. Then Postum would die. A company bought it from Kellogs, and they will start selling it in stores again soon. Postum is a powdered roasted-grain beverage once popular as a coffee substitute. Caf-Lib is nearly identical to our old Postum drink. live without heart; ... Pero coffee substitute is a 100% natural caffeine-free drink. I think Vermont Country store still sells Postum. Kindle $3.90 $ 3. } I'm not entirely sure if this has been remarked yet, however. Being a quilter for over 30 years, I've learned one thing that's for sure (as my good friend Ops - short for Oprah - would say) and that's this: You can't go wrong if you buy too much! Hi---If you would like a free sample of Ersatz, we offer them, for the cost of postage, at our website's store: is a blend of roasted buckwheat, roasted wild rice, and roasted chicory. ), Pero is in the middle and has granules, like coffee and Postum. Hey! It was tolerable. I’m glad I don’t have to depend on a stimulant to wake up or get through the day. The world had never seen anything like it before! Meaning of postum. I'm curious, is there any scriptural reason why Coffee and Tea (considered sacred to many cultures) is off limits or is it a cultural thing? Definition of postum in the dictionary. « Note to Self... | There would be tears. There have been some that wonder why we can drink hot chocolate, for example if it’s purely a caffeine thing, but the caffeine content in chocolate doesn’t nearly add up to the amount you’d find in coffee or tea, BUT chocolate can certainly be addictive, so again it becomes a personal matter. Also the product is much fresher there. —Preceding unsigned comment added by ( talk ) 06:10, 9 June 2010 (UTC) In the wake of its discontinuance, a number of replica recipes for Postum have circulated across the Internet. No coffee, caf or de-caf- which doesn’t make me sad. Lesson learned. Both Pero and Inka suggested using either hot water or milk to mix - Postum only mixed with water. When I was 16 I went to a Halloween party and feeling a bit rebellious, threw all caution to the wind and indulged in Pepsi and Dr. Pepper. I’m actually starting to like it better now if I forget about the nostalgia of having a cup of Postum with my grandmas because Pero stirs in better and is way easier to find (plus I know it’s still being made so I’m not risking it being like 10+ years old when I see it for sale on the internets). Developed by C.W. Use 1 to 2 teaspoons of Postum for each 1-1/2 cups water. thanks for making me laugh!p.s. In a large teabag that brews a 12-oz. Postum: 1 n trade mark for a coffee substitute invented by C. W. Post and made with chicory and roasted grains Type of: coffee substitute a drink resembling coffee that is sometimes substituted for it That same site has the list of stores, looks like Reams and Harmons are the primary carriers. "Mormon coffee" if you will. I also didn't know it was very popular with Mormons. I would drink it with a teaspoon or two of sugar and a dollop of canned milk. I had saved a bottle from my last purchase & the ingredients are listed as: wheat bran, wheat, molasses & maltodextrin (from corn), so after making your recipe & wanting a strong taste, I ground (moderately in coffee grinder) 4 cups of wheat bran & added to your "homemade Postum" mixture, as well as more molasses. Pero just isn’t as good. I sent you an invite to our blog. window.location=permalink+"?pintix=1"; Postin 1895 and marketed as a healthful alternative to coffee. mug of Ersatz.Caffeine-free & Gluten-free (unlike most other coffee-substitutes).We are quite proud of it!Dr. Like all other aspects of living life, we must find 'balance' in all things. But we choose to put our trust in what God said. Thanks toddsch! This is supposed to be a good substitute. There are 14 calories in 1 mug of Postum. My family really enjoys Postum™–it was a part of our mornings growing up, and now I … function callPin(permalink) { Add Postum, hot milk or evaporated milk, and sugar to cup; stir. I miss Postum. Pero has Acrylamide.I just read the California cancer warning on the package.After drinking both Postem and Pero for years I now do not buy either. I say wisdom encourages enjoyment and responsibility, regardless of your faith. I thought you'd like to know that they're bringing it back. Postum. var url = document.URL; I never knew someone who could go on about coffee substitute for so long and still be entertaining! Honestly, I end up pouring half of it out as it gets cold doing the chores...but there is nothing better than that first sip. We believe that God knows and understands things that we do not yet know or understand. [24] Nevertheless, contemporary records indicate that Smith was not, himself, a strict observer. Postum se ipak nije oglasio po pitanju ove ponude, a Aureol je ubijen od strane vojnika novog cara Klaudija II Gotskog, koji je preuzeo rimski presto nakon što su balkanski oficiri početkom septembra 268. izveli atentat na Galijena . its private, but that way I guess you can see what we are up to sometimes, that is if you really want to. I see it's available but it's a bit pricey now. | | Epi's senior editor, Anya, is in love with this drink, which looks like instant coffee, … I agree you should pay attention to your body and do what you feel is best for you, but anybody who is already addicted to something is going to feel better with that substance than without it even though it isn’t necessarily the best thing for them. I was just about to die of cancer! The beverage is made from … The word of wisdom isn’t just something some guy said in another century. I guess I'll try that Pero but I fear I may be disappointed and will want it to come back even more. We may live without friends; Actually, it wasn't much of a contest - Inka was just plain blah but with a nasty after-taste. Finally, in 1895 the first batch of Postum was brewed using a … | Digg This We use a healthful blend ingredients to create a wonderful drink that the whole family can enjoy - anytime! It was a demonstration of what was possible with a little bit of imagination and some hard work – creating a product that tasted just like coffee, but contained no actual coffee beans. When I got home that night I went to bed, only to wake up a short time later to vomit. It seemed to disappear off the shelves. } else if ( query != "pintix=1" ) { Postum se izgleda nije interesovao za proširenje domena kojim je vladao. I knew about it from my grandfather who lived with us when i was a teenager in the 80's. Postum was a great substitute for coffee especially for new members trying to ween themselves off of coffee. Information and translations of postum in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions … LOL Katie that was awesome! if ( permalink == url ) { Funny name, but they offer a free sample and claim to be a postum-like drink. In the meantime, as I struggle to make points match, I'm happily trying to cover every bed, sofa, and chair in my house with a quilt - that's normal, right? I don’t miss or desire coffee or tea because I’ve never had it, but I liked postum. A blog about nothing to no one in particular. I became used to it and even liked it and grew to love it. Administracija i novac. Inka is a powdered mixture - made from barley, as is Pero. Dandy tea blend. If Pero and Postum were pet dogs, Postum would be the beloved pet who would be allowed to stay inside, while Pero would be shunned and left to sleep out in the rain. I want to my local supermarket and they had Pero but not Postum. Ahhhhh. I really do. I seem to remember my grandpa drinking Postum - and I even found an old jar of it in my pantry. I do think it is a personal choice;The charge of "not observing the Word of Wisdom" was one of five leveled against David Whitmer on April 13, 1838, which led to his excommunication. But we did find Inka and Pero - and so I decided to have a little taste test myself and for you Nancy - so when you've drunk your last cup you can replace Postum with one of these... As you can see, Postum has the darkest color - which means nothing. var query =; We may live without conscience and Came here for the Pero review, stayed for the unusual religious restrictions. )[29] We now know that coffee and tea are very good for you. Both Pero and Inka suggested using either hot water or milk to mix - Postum only mixed with water. Ah...Im so glad that Postum is back...ive been looking for it here in NY since i got active again in the Church (Hot Chocolate is getting old and is not nearly as healthy for you)! :). I am a convert to the church and gave up drinking my coffee straight black with my dad each morning. One cup is good for me and, yes, it is a very large part of my morning just to pour it into my cup. Note: If you can't buy ground wheat, you can sort whole grains of wheat and grind them in your blender. However, they are not included in the Word of Wisdom in its technical application. we dont lead a very exciting life, Hey, have you tried this "Ersatz" stuff? It is delicious and makes me a little sleepy at bedtime. Nope, turns out they were wrong about the cancer scare! He may live without books, The blessings that I have received from being a member of the church and the strength that I have received during the tough times has so been worth making a decision that has determined my destiny. Main With reference to the cola drinks, the Church has never officially taken any attitude on this but I personally do not put them in the class as with the tea and coffee because the Lord specifically mentioned them [the hot drinks]. "Mormon coffee" if you will. I used hot water for my scientific taste test. Just a random stranger, I arrived here after googling pero or postum or something. [27] There is a report he also smoked tobacco: according to Amasa Lyman, a member of the First Presidency under Smith, Smith once finished preaching a sermon on the Word of Wisdom and immediately afterward rode through the streets smoking a cigar. Delicious as a matter of fact, I just don't think it has the molasses that Postum has in it if I remember correctly.Here's a link to a site selling the product, though they're rather pricey.. were luckily able to buy the product from our local Grocery Outlet for about $2 I believe. url = url.replace( /#/, "" ); I like that I don’t have to have certain things (aside from enough water and calories) to keep myself functioning or from getting a headache. Go to and they have a store locator or you can buy online. It may be boiled in water or can be made in an electric coffee-maker. It is 100% naturally caffeine free and blended from select all natural ingredients -- malted barley, barley, chicory, and rye. | Glazed Cinnamon Rolls... ». But civilized man cannot live without cooks. Maybe worth a shot, I've personally never tried it.Forgot the link last time: Postum (US: / ˈ p oʊ s t əm /) is a powdered roasted-grain beverage popular as a coffee substitute.The caffeine-free beverage was created by Post Cereal Company founder C. W. Post in 1895 and marketed as a healthier alternative to coffee.

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