the sense of our unique culture. to M.A. Dual Degree. As you embark on the wonderful journey of your medical career, allow me to introduce you to St. Luke's Hospital Residency in Internal Medicine. An assigned faculty member from the Residency in Medicine and the senior resident on that service will supervise the student. This program is offered in close affiliation with the Missouri School of Dentistry and Oral Health AT Still University. to Software Engineering, M.S. Dual Degree, Law, J.D. Sub-interns will have similar responsibilities as interns, with appropriate supervision by the faculty and senior resident physicians. to Law, J.D. Accelerated Program, Computer Science, Minor to Software Engineering, M.S. Students will function as sub-interns assigned to one of the four medicine teams on the in-patient general medicine service at St. Luke's Hospital. Double Major, Engineering Bachelors to Engineering, M.S. &​ Business Administration, M.B.A. Dual Degree, Law, J.D. When it comes to &​ Social Work, M.S.W. This rotation is focused on the inpatient care of cardiac patients. Dr. Forsberg should be contacted on the first day of the rotation for didactic materials and schedule. Students will receive in-depth exposure to the diagnosis and management of complex, life-threatening problems in all major organ systems that occur in critical medical illnesses. A typical schedule: Students carry approximately five patients-one patient on each long-call night (every fifth night) and one patient on each short-call day (two days out of five) and follow each patient until they are transferred to another service or discharged from the hospital. Philosophy for Ministry, B.A. Dual Degree (Aquinas Institute of Theology), Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, American Studies, B.A. in the Jesuit tradition, and is also based on the principle that adults learn by experience. Call is every 4th night and the student will stay until 8PM on call nights with the team. &​ Accounting, M.Acc. Students will work with a busy private gastroenterology and hepatology practice to obtain a better understanding of the pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of various gastrointestinal disorders in both the inpatient and outpatient setting. Dual Degree, Public Health, M.P.H. Accelerated Program, Philosophy, B.A. Weeks 2-3: The following two weeks, you will help the new third-year students make the transition from classroom to clinic. Lastly, the students will have a weekly session with EKG interpretation with a cardiology attending. Renal transplantation. Night call is approximately every fourth night. The PGY1 Pharmacy Residency Program at SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital gives residents the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and practice philosophy at an academic medical center. “I am a current resident at Grand Strand Internal Medicine. (Jeffco 2+SLU), Leadership and Human Resource Management, B.S. to Social Work, M.S.W. &​ Women's and Gender Studies, M.A. to Law, J.D. (Executive), Health Administration, M.H.A. Regular teaching sessions with the faculty of the division of Infectious Diseases are scheduled separately; these review a series of common infectious diseases topics and Microbiology Lab Rounds are incorporated throughout the rotation. The Internal Medicine Residency Training Program at Saint Louis University strives Our mission is simple – to train great internists in a positive environment. Accelerated Program, Political Science, B.A. to M.A. The negative review that was previously on this site was written before our new PD came and major changes were made since then. or hospitalist medicine, and many are faculty in a number of medical schools across &​ Business Administration, M.B.A. Dual Degree, Health Administration, M.H.A. to M.A. Students will complete online lessons and then formulate and present a Quality Improvement project at a date near Match Day. In discussion with the Elective Director and/or Chief Allergy and Immunology Fellow (contact through Kiana Wilder or Emily Bishop), clinic assignments may be modified to include greater or lesser exposure to pediatric clinics. IM 0508 - Subinternship: Clinical Cardiology at Saint Louis University Hospital. International Business and Marketing, Ph.D. IM 0305 - Internal Medicine Career Exploration - Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Institute of St. Louis, Inc. IM 0306 - Esse St. Louis Gastroenterology, IM 0307 - Internal Medicine - Geriatric Medicine at SLU Hospital and Clinics, IM 0308 - Internal Medicine - Pulmonary @ SLU Hospital, IM 0310 - St. Anthony's at Arnold Family Healthcare, IM 0311 - Internal Medicine Career Exploration - [email protected] &​ Law, J.D. pass rates or fellowship match rates; programs are strong because of the caliber of The clinical experience will consist primarily of "one on one" discussions of patients seen in the outpatient setting. (Concordia Seminary) Dual Degree, Social Work, M.S.W. Weekly seminars or journal club provides didactic information sessions with pulmonary division members. This course will introduce the student to clinical hepatology in an outpatient setting. Accelerated Program, Analytics, Post-​Baccalaureate Certificate, Brewing Science and Operations, Certificate, Cannabis Science and Operations, Certificate, Computer Information Systems, Certificate, Cybersecurity, Bachelor's to M.S. Accelerated Program, Applied Behavior Analysis, Post-​Master's Certificate, Criminology and Criminal Justice, B.A. The Clinical Infectious Diseases elective offers an exciting opportunity for the student to participate in consultations on a variety of infectious disease problems including general medical or surgical patients, immune compromised hosts, trauma victims, and patients with hospital acquired infections. Weekly didactic conferences are designed to cover a broad spectrum of clinical, basic physiologic, and pathophysiologic information relevant to the practice of nephrology and transplantation. Students will have a chance to learn valuable lessons in patient safety and quality improvement through online courses via the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI). This elective is designed to provide students with insight into the work required to run a community clinic. to M.A. Accelerated Program. Accelerated Program, Accounting, M.Acc. Accelerated Program, Health Information Management, B.S. The elective gives the student broad exposure to allergic and immunologic diseases such as asthma, rhinitis, sinusitis, anaphylaxis, food and drug reactions, allergic skin conditions and non-HIV immune deficiencies. IM 0446 - Nephrology and Hypertension - St. Anthony's Hospital. This clerkship involves extensive first contact with patients who are both well and ill, in a strictly ambulatory environment. to M.A. The purpose of the Medicine Sub-internship at the VA Medical Center is to develop proficiency in the care of hospitalized patients on an internal medicine ward. Emphasis will be placed on teaching logical and priority-based decision-making when confronted with acutely-evolving disorders, the concept of titrated care at the bedside of ICU patients, pharmacology in the critically ill, and principles of medical ethics relevant to current ICU practices. Students will volunteer at bi-weekly asthma/allergy clinics during elective time. IM 0439 - Hospice and Palliative Medicine. Sub-interns also attend weekly small group learning sessions during which they discuss, diagnose, and treat patients using example cases. Active participation in patient management is emphasized. Develop an understanding of acute and chronic renal failure and the treatment of hypertension. Supervision:Upper level residents and faculty members of the Department of Internal Medicine of the St. Mary's Health Center residency training program will supervise the subinterns. Communication Sciences and Disorders, M.A. The department is also a leader in undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate m… The character and collegiality of our program are what Accelerated Program, History, B.A. Accelerated Program, Strategic Intelligence, Post-​Baccalaureate Certificate, Advanced Literacy Methods, Post-​Baccalaureate Certificate, Educational Equity, Post-​Baccalaureate Certificate, Inclusive Practice, Post-​Baccalaureate Certificate, Educational Leadership, M.A. to Health Data Science, M.S. This course may be used to register for an Internal Medicine elective. Students will spend 3 weeks as a subintern on the General GI or Liver at Saint Louis University Hospital, working with a senior resident, two interns and a gastroenterology subspecialty resident (fellow) under the supervision of faculty from the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology. We are committed to providing the best possible experience for residents and we strive Dual Degree. Accelerated Program, Computer Science, B.A. &​ Social Work, M.S.W. Didactic conferences include renal physiology, pathophysiology and clinical nephrology seminars. Students will be taught a systematic approach to the electrocardiogram. Security and Strategic Intelligence, B.S. Teaching rounds occur each morning and the team attends Critical Care noon conference each day. to Law, J.D. This course will be designed to familiarize the student with all modalities of outpatient cardiac testing and outpatient cardiac care. H. Douglas Walden, MD, MPH is a Professor of Internal Medicine. The student will work with GI faculty as well as GI subspecialty residents seeing patients with a variety of liver diseases. The average number of inpatients followed at any one time is 7. Leadership and Human Resource Management, B.S. to M.A. to Computer Science, M.S. Students will become familiar with the HRC mission by volunteering at the clinic and completing a project that will benefit the HRC and the patient population. The students are expected to see patients in the CCU and cardiology consults, evaluate the patients, and formulate a plan to be presented to the team. Our philosophy is based on the notion of service to the whole person that is embedded Accelerated Program, Biochemistry, B.S. 10 talking about this. IM 0441 - Preparing Clinical Cases for Presentation and Publication. &​ Medicine, M.D. Organizational Leadership and Technology, B.S. The location of the experience may be at a SLU SOM affiliate or at another health care institution. For over 100 years, we have excelled in patient care, education, research, and community services. Opportunities will be provided for learning the indications, contraindications, and alternatives to invasive procedures and for improving technical skills. Dual Degree, Maternal and Child Health, Post-​Baccalaureate Certificate, Public Health, M.P.H. Dual Degree, Adult/​Gerontological Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, Post-​Master's Certificate, Family Nurse Practitioner, Post-​Master's Certificate, Family Psychiatric/​Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Post-​Master's Certificate, Nurse Education, Post-​Master's Certificate, Nursing Practice, D.N.P. Internal medicine residency at SLU is premised on the idea that medicine is best learned at the bedside with active reflection and feedback to hone performance. This course may be used to register for Internal Medicine career exploration The location of the experience may be at a SLU SOM affiliate or at another health care institution. – go into academic medicine, enter a sub-specialty fellowship, conduct scholarly work, Dual Degree, Business Administration, M.B.A. &​ Law, J.D. Supervision will be upper level residents, geriatric nurse practitioner and faculty members of the Division of Geriatric Medicine. Credit(s): 6-12 Credits (Repeatable for credit), IM 0302 - Internal Medicine Career Exploration, Credit(s): 1-2 Credits (Repeatable for credit). The Center for Advanced Dental Education at Saint Louis University offers a program in the specialty of pediatric dentistry that leads to a Master of Science in Dentistry and a certificate in pediatric dentistry. This course requires that the student meet with a Heme/Onc attending to plan a personalized sub-internship. This team will cover 12-15 patients in the Medical-Surgical ICU's. (SPS Online Partnership), Social Work, B.S. and Law, J.D. Most importantly, congratulations on choosing a career in Internal Medicine! Students will write all admission and subsequent orders, write a daily progress note, perform all needed procedures, and participate in discharge planning activities for their patients. We define greatness as having great people. The student will be an active participant of the Pulmonary Medicine consult team under the close direction of a subspecialty resident (fellow) in pulmonary/critical care medicine and consult attending physician. The elective experience must fulfill the requirements for a direct-patient care elective. Organizational Leadership, Post-​Baccalaureate Certificate, Project Management, Post-​Baccalaureate Certificate, School for Professional Studies Full-​Time Faculty. Students will attend periodic lectures didactic MICU lectures in which the management of diverse organ-based ICU problems is discussed. IM 0904 - Internal Medicine Senior Inquiry. IM 0509 - Subinternship: Nephrology at Saint Louis University Hospital. The Center for Advanced Dental Education (CADE) at Saint Louis University offers a program in the specialty of endodontics that leads to the Master of Science in Dentistry degree and a certificate in endodontics. Dr. Buckhold is an assistant professor of internal medicine at Saint Louis University School of Medicine, where he serves as program director for the Internal Medicine Residency Program. Learning modules will focus on diagnosis of chamber enlargement, conduction disease, rhythm disturbances and ischemia/infarction. We also have two academic medical centers in St. Louis, Missouri - SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital and SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center - that offer residencies through Saint Louis University School of … He also treats corneal infections. Accelerated Program, Computer Science, B.S. &​ Divinity, M.Div. The Society of Hospital Medicine defines a hospitalist as a physician who delivers comprehensive medical care to acutely ill, hospitalized patients. This elective will be non-lottery, application-based course offered by the 2017-2018 Lead Coordinators. Accelerated Program, Computer Science, B.A. Jun 6, 2014 … He earned his Medical. to Law, J.D. Credit(s): 3-12 Credits (Repeatable for credit). Accelerated Program, Women's and Gender Studies, B.A. The location of the experience may be at a SLU SOM affiliate or at another health care institution. IM 0414 - Hematology and Medical Oncology. When you visit SLU, we want you to get a sense of the fantastic Medical student teaching conferences are a key component of the training program and are specifically designed to provide an in-depth review of clinical nephrology at the student level. Dual Degree, Health Care Ethics, Ph.D. &​ M.D. Students will evaluate and treat new patients admitted to the inpatient gastroenterology and hepatology service under the supervision of the faculty and fellows of the division of gastroenterology and internal medicine resident physicians.

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